‘That Nigerian Boy Will Suffer Untold Hardship For Breaking My Daughter’s Heart’ – Nadia Buari’s Mother Curses Jim Iyke

Ghanaian actress, Nadia Buari’s mother, Hajia Buari has cursed Nollywood playboy Jim Iyke for leading her daughter on, making her believe he would settle down with her and then breaking her heart.


Jim and Nadia have been posting romantic photos of them together and the couple appeared to be so in love until recently when Jim took to his twitter handle to announce that he had no plans of getting married soon and Nadia responded by deleting all their lovey-dovey photos on her instagram account.

After the break-up news hit social media, Hajia according to a Ghanaian entertainment site said the couple were great together.

“They were great together. They were like a couple and we thought they were heading for the altar. She was very connected to him.”

“She has talked to me about getting married and having children. She plans on settling down but not right now. She has to focus on her career.

She went further to release curses on Jim Iyke saying he will suffer untold hardship.

Angry Hajia Buari was quoted as saying, “That Nigerian boy will suffer for daring to break my baby’s heart.”

Do you think Jim and Nadia will make up?

Source: Spy Ghana


  1. This jim Iyke self no get common sence. Is he really looking for a perfect woman or his manhood is not functioning? He should let us know or he should just stop breaking all these ladies heart. To nadia Buhari’s mother, its a shame on you to raise a course on someone’s son. Is it by force to marry ur daughter? Noncence. 07056762003

  2. How can someone who called herself a mother place a curse on someone else’s child? Must all relationship end up in marriage? Afterall her daughter enjoyed it while it lasted. Is Jim her first boyfriend? I am quite sure, she’s not just experiencing heart break. In a relationship, it’s either you win or loose. Come off it babe, wise up. Who says a guy like Jim is ready to settle down now. Go ask your predecessor how far.

  3. It is very glaring that Nadia is not ready to settle down with a man, i know some people will say may be i dont get the picture well no , I say this because if trully she is ready she will never say yes for Jim because we Nigerian know who he is, what good can he do for her ? because Nadia herself is not ready to forgo fame which is only for a while a serious lady that want to have a good family life will do opposite and reason differently, if it is wealth she has it then if she really has some reasonable elders and wise men in their village let her go back there and ask what are the criteria she needs to find in a ready man; more over her mum does not have any reason to be angry was she not there when she brought Jim home? and she refused to asses him and enquire about him, the only paramount things in her life is FAME. Mother suppose to stand as a virtue of reasoning to their children well it never late if she still want to settle down let her repackage her mind, reasoning and level of intel she gather about her next suitor or suppose admirer well she needs not to look at level of fame she had let her come totally down she will get it right.

  4. I’m available to marry any actress who feels rejected by her man. I can make u happy again, feel the vacuum and the voide. Any interested actress should call. +2348038282157. I don’t need ur fuckin change cos i’ve alot to spend.

  5. Well, Nadia left JIm Iyke cos she was angry, Is not that Jim called off the engagement. That he said he is not ready to settle down now does not mean he called of the relationship. Let me understand something, did Jim engage her or they were only love birds. Anyway me my guy has said all sorts of rubbish to me but my dearest pretty Nadia let it go k. Have a self esteem. You are pretty and decent. If Jim does not want it anymore just know it that he has nothing more to offer.

    Just keep your heart open k. Your God gift Man will come. For Mrs Buhari i know you said that out of anger but you can renounce it k. Life is not worth the trouble.

  6. Jim why? Not after u make pple believe dat u both were in luv. I was among those dat wish u well, u’re a boundle of disappointment, pple will believe really u’re a play boy. God forgive u.Nadia I know how u feel right now, but take it easy so u don’t hurt urslef, God will bring a reponsible man dat will luv u to de end.mama Nadia pls withdraw de course, God will take control. Frm uzoGod!

  7. Jim Iyke?…mcheeew.just look @ his face…his composure.he’s a crook in both world he lives. Acting & real life.what wld a decent,serious girl want wth him.I’ve nvr fancy his acting prowess either.Cld remember he did same to this jamaican girl…& she warned prospectve successors.jim cld hv bn under curse already.God help him..& me too.

  8. Nadia, search urself thoroughly why guys always melt ur innoncent heart down. The same heart broken was applicable to Micheal Essien of Chelsea, now again..Jim Irke the playboi professor. Why yu? Dia most be oda tins guys saw yu that pushed them away from yu. Discover that and do away with it, ur ryt suitor shall come very soon!! Just take heart my de*r!!

  9. it’s a pity nadia,just give ur life to JESUS CHRIST,believe in GOD and read his word day and night and let him direct ur path.tell ur mum to renounce those caurse becos u too must have done thesame to someone else.

  10. Nadia be optimistic,believe he left for ur best to come
    mama Nadia,renounce d curse,sense d bst suitor is comming soon

  11. Hey mother, neva u talk wen love is involved, it jst showed hw unwise u re, wise women wont talk, cos u were nt dre wen de started, leave dem to sort demselves, u jst help dem go farther apart

  12. “She has talked to me about getting married and having
    children. She plans on settling down but not right now.
    She has to focus on her career.

  13. “She has talked to me about getting married and having
    children. She plans on settling down but not right now.
    She has to focus on her career.
    Why insult him when u stated that your daughter is not ready for marriage.

  14. Jim,u did not do well at all. U should’ve told d girl ur intention b4 embarking on the relationship,ryt now I really know how she feels including her mum,but dat’s not still enough 4 her 2 cos,anyway,d blood of jesus will no let it work on u.

  15. U ppl can neva b lik Kim n Kanye. Cant she get it?
    My advise 2 U Nadia is dat u luk out of d celebrity world n get a man 2 marry. Fame comes with some amount of sacrifice. U cant marry Jim. U r definately 2 persons of d opposite side.

  16. my dear Nadia, dis is a words of advice. Is not all relationship that ends up in marriage, and is not everybody that u started with, u ll end with. Love is sweet but this is the bitter part. Ur real man ll come lukin for u. Just b urself. Just put God first. Pls try and do away with fame maybe ur luck is not there. As for ur mother she shld withdraw her curse cus her son too mit find himsef n dat situation one day. Its well. God ll take control in Jesus name. Amen.

  17. Who doesnt jim Iyke ? He should be the best guy for fun n making names with, not marriage. But did he really proposed marriage to Nadia or was it bcos of their outing together which is normal as many friends does that brought the assumption ??

  18. Touch not my anointed and do my prophet no harm…Jim my man nothin do u @all only say mak u try settle down cus time don reach as we discuss,u knw hw far na. Nadia take heart but mak ur mama no dey scatr yan cus me go juwa pia her coconut.

  19. Who doesnt know Jim Iyke ? He should be the best guy for fun n making names with, not marriage. But did he really proposed marriage to Nadia or was it bcos of their outing together which is normal as many friends does that brought the assumption ??

  20. How can jim iyke married a Ghanaian instead of a Nigerian gal?….Is it fair for a lady to first propose a man for marriage wen a man did not even say anythg abt marriage? All of u dat blamed jim iyke r not senseful. Jim i like ur style. Don’t ever allow a woman to distract ur mind 4rm wat u wish to do. Alwaz be wise jim until u meet ur heart desire

  21. A broken engagements z better dan a broken marriages. it is gud 4 u Nadia my sister. I dnt’t fink u really wnt 2 ve a beautiful home cos u knw very well dat celebrities marriages dnt last cos u guys claim 2 leave d life anyhw. Dat beautiful Ghana we ve u never c any humble well doing guy 2 marry. Must he b a celebrity? J.I. Dat bhevs lyk a mad dogs/goats dats wat u wnt as humble as u re. Y z dat ur mother didn’t curse M. E wen u guys broke up? Greedy mother(mrs. Buhari). Think twice Nadia! D same way I. N. 2 suffered in d hands of Inyanyan. U girls shld value Ghana guys. By d way sorry.

  22. I do not believe that in our contemporary society people with high propensity as they claim to be still curse their fellow being all in d name of heartbreak. Did Jim Iyke actually proposed to Nadia? Jim, u are in a better position to answer dat question. I don’t just want to believe now because of d rate at which people speculate dis days. Jim, u are in a better position to justify urself. Tell us d true story of wat actually transpired between u and Nadia Buhari.

  23. what i dnt still undstand is y all d blames is falling on Jim.am not in support of watever hapens btween dem but come to tink of it,do u know wat nadia did?remember she too is a star.example,do u know how many calls she recieves in a day and d way she reacts to her callers might piss Jim off.also, do u know her weaknessess?its not all abt beauty n mayb Jim jus realise she isnt wat he expected though no woman is an angel but many av karactas u cant even explain.Well i guess mayb its bcos Jim didnt av to comment abt it so his silence is taken for granted.

  24. Nadia’s mum is not a kind of inlaw any man would desire to have, she’s to my opinion a let down to mother “inlawhood” I only pray that if eventually our dear naughty iyk gets married to her daughter, then he shd watch out ‘cos that woman is an imminent trouble maker. As for Nadia, I don’t expect that a lady of her type who has enjoyed her self in series of love escapades still allows her heart to be broken easily.only God knows how many men she’s had their hearts broken so why the fusing; “what goes around comes back around”

  25. Very unfortunatly its happened btwn my best nigerian actor & my best ghanaian actress. They dhud try & setle there difrences

  26. Very unfortunatl its happened btwn my best nigerian actor & my best ghanaian actress. They shud try & setle there difrences


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