TRAGEDY: Woman Dies After Eating African Salad

Cholera claimed another victim on Monday at Yaba area of Lagos, southwest Nigeria, after the victim was reported to have eaten the popular local Igbo salad known as Abacha.

african-saladThe female victim, simply identified as Blessing, died on Monday, barely two months after she got married, at the Military Hospital, Yaba.

Doctors in the hospital had been battling to save her life since last Thursday when she contracted the disease.

Blessing was said to have been admitted for cholera at the military hospital along with another victim who survived.

A source close to the deceased, who was in shock said that Blessing got married in September, 2013 and lost her life less than two months later to cholera.

The deceased was said to have eaten Abacha last Thursday night. It was bought by her husband, who did not know that the government had identified Abacha as one of the local salad cholera could be contracted from.

The two of them ate the salad but only the wife contracted cholera and died, while the husband has no trace of the disease.

It was gathered that after eating the salad, the couple went to bed and at about 2 a.m., Blessing was said to have suddenly woken up and started vomiting and stooling several times before day break.

She was rushed to a hospital in the area and when the case was becoming critical, she was taken to the Military Hospital, Yaba for proper attention.

It was learnt that the deceased was getting better and would have been discharged Monday, but was said to have suddenly developed another complication.

She was reported to have stooled four times at short notice, while the doctor treating her was said to have changed her medication, which later aggravated the case and she died.

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