Two British Teachers Break World Record For Longest Journey In a Tricycle


Two intrepid Brits have broken the world record for the longest journey in a ‘tuk-tuk.’

Richard Sears and Nick Gough, both teachers, have travelled more than 23,300 miles to raise cash for education projects in developing countries.

The pair, who are currently in Peru, even had to push the motorised rickshaw the last 43 miles of their record journey, according to Sky News.

They will reportedly become the first people to drive a tuk-tuk around the world if they manage to get through Chile in the vehicle.

The daring duo have driven the rickshaw across 37 countries since they set off from Britain on August 13 last year.

They were forced to drag the vehicle – which they are reported to have named ‘Tommy’ – for the last few miles due to mechanical problems.

Thankfully they managed to get it fixed in time to complete the rest of their journey through the Andes, Sky reports.

The rickshaw journey is planned to finish in Rio de Janeiro next month.

Sears, from Guildford, said that over 57 million primary school-aged children still have no access to school across the globe and that “many more” are in school but do not have access to decent learning facilities, according to Sky.

They are hoping to get their world record confirmed by the Guinness Book of Records.


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