VIDEO: Kate Henshaw Embarrasses A Contestant In Nigeria Got Talent Audition Because of His Name

This was just too unfair and it’s seriously the height of unprofessionalism on the part of Kate and Dan.


This guy who says his name is ‘Heaven’, showed up for the Nigerian Got Talent audition in Portharcourt, only for Kate Henshaw to embarrass him and walked out on him in company of Dan Foster when he tried singing, simply because his name is ‘Heaven’.




Source: Nairaland


  1. Kate is a mad woman while dan is woman wrapper, though he has used his body as brain! To kate may d heaven u hate never make u to laugh till your end days, may u weep @d end of your life on earth and may disgrase fall upon u and your children! Arogant idiot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. That was the highest level of unprofessional display in the recent time. It show how emotionally dummy those two judges are. Little wonder why the so-called “celebrities” can’t keep relationships (union) for a while. To Kate, i wonder if you were treated the same way when you were growing up in entertainment industry, would you have been sitting where you are today? To Dan, you made a mockery of yourself for allowing a woman to decide for you, you are simply a child in an adult.
    To “Heaven”, it is not how a man falls that matters most time but how he pick himself up. you’ve demonstrated to them and indeed many Nigerians what it takes to be a man, despite their shameful exit, you courageously and systematically made a vital point to their own disgrace.
    If they are really reasonable, they will call you to apologies, apologies to their employer and indeed the teaming Nigerians that were watching that event.

  3. I don’t like people who comment this way. How on earth would you curse asomeone on the net and you would feel satisfied. Why not let her be judged by God and fold your to see her end instead. Please get matured guys, stop being kids

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  5. she go smile till d end of her days. Are u God? Mr insulter? Even if she went too far for entertainment sake when u’re making a fool of urself in an audition just leave d stage when the judges ask u too. Don’t u guys watch foreign auditions? The judges do funny things to contestants if need be okay. So stop the insult on Kate.

  6. Now I can see sense in an adage which says “a fool at forty is a fool forever”. Kate is a typical example of that. What’s wrong in that name “Heaven”?

  7. To the die hard fans of this girl kate, nothing happens, but to all the truth loves know a very big thing happen, I don’t know any about girl kate even the other fat guy , this is my favourite tv shows, call it got talent, or x-factor or what have u, is all about audition. I will not comment on that for now until I know who is kate and and the other fat guy that also walk away on that guy. To Jessy Iam very sorry to tell you that u are very wrong if it true u watch foreign auditions that guy was just like other guys there are lot of funny names down there in nigeria like miracle, devine and others, if his name is heaven and he want to sing Like other guys I don’t think therr is any problem with that. Jessy I will want u to watch …german suchen super star and see what contenstance are doing to Dieter Borhne every year still he cannot walk away on any contenstance , to the extent security men will be invited to take care of things. I saw all other comments am taking ur comment cos u said u watch foreign auditions. ………. Can some one help me on how and where to read about this girl kate and that other fat guy? …… I want to use this opportunity to thank the third guy that handle heaven till the end I also don’t know for now, but I will fined out one or two things about u too u really tried. ……….and to u heaven, I must confess How I see u, I have met a lot of cool guys in the world, but I have never met one like u, u are so wonderful and very interesting, to be honest, I don’t like u song, but the way u handle this matter is just too muture my daughter and I say sorry for everything, but if u have a dream to sing in future, pls follow ur dream and do ur best I just believe somedays people will celebrate u, but if u decided to give up cos of this incident it means Kate will not be blamed for Her actions.


  9. Admin thats a Pathetic LIER!
    CONFIRM BEFORE YOU POST—>I watched the auditioning,Its not because of the Name Heaven-that he was driven!!!….The guy WAS AN VERY VERY VERY BAD SINGER….i dnt knw how 2 sing bt i think,i am beta than d guy….and i seems d guy sounds so cofident b4 singin,dat evrybdy ws expectin a good voice!

  10. how many of u watched d show to know what really happened??? d guy sang very badly and kate said she wouldn’t want to say “no to heaven” cos hell is not an option,,,she was just kidn guys…let who without sin cast d first stone,she was just kidn…u dont need to curse her…though shall not judge!

  11. That girl called kate is vert very rude.she made me to stop watching dat show.,she embarrass pp. As if she is god.the way she even embarrased a policeman dat sings the other day is not far.she shud know how to politely say no.if she becomes presidend of nigeria no poor man will come around her.

  12. d only reason y i dont like watching dat show is becos of kate, now i knw people feel d same way as i do.i knw where am coming from and i knw how my teacher’s encouragement back den in school made me who i am today.even wen am not getting it right, my teacher will ask d class to clap for me,she did dat just to encourage and motivate me,instead of telling me i failed she would rather tell me i tried but i should have done it like this or like she has made a great teacher out of me cos i can teach even d worst dummy.kate,i knw you re good but take it easy d world is watching.

  13. You Kate… What makes u think ure so perfect in ur acting… I tot I watch on L tv d other day shedding tear for a lady while funke was gettn details frm her.. Nw i knw those tear were purely hypocritical… U better apologise to Heaven”

  14. It is very wrong to judge wen u re not God,if I like I called myself jesus but leave me and jesus alone and beside u don’t know if d guy callin him self heaven ll turn to gud person bcos of d name he called himself.kate pls apologise

  15. Watch wat hapd b4 u comment here n by d way i dnt fink u guyz knw wat insult s.d guy s a terrible singer so thr s no two wayz abt it n am nt kul wit dat name Heaven.

  16. I watched dt episode. Info nig sef de carry unreal story. De walkd out cz dat ws d last audition 4 d day n d guy was wastin deir tym wt hs terrible voice.i doubt he told anyone @home he ws sure de wud ve adviced him odawise


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