Why I Defected To APC By Amaechi

Rotimi-AmaechiRivers State governor, Chibuike Rotimi Amaechi has justified his decision to join the All Progressives Congress, APC, saying the interests of the oil-rich state were no longer being protected in the Peoples’ Democratic Party, PDP.

He also said he defected because President Goodluck Jonathan failed to address issues raised by the G-7 governors.

Amaechi, who spoke Wednesday at the Port Harcourt international airport, Omagwa assured that the APC would protect the interest of all Rivers state people, especially regarding the transfer of oil wells belonging to the state to other states.

“Rivers State must know that for me to have taken that decision, I had looked at the general interests of Rivers people. I was not elected to lead Nigeria, I was elected to lead Rivers State and I had looked at the interests of Rivers people and have seen that these interests were not protected in PDP. I have seen the fact that we are losing our oil wells in Etche, in the Kalabari areas and that the more they continue to pilfer these oil wells, the more we will continue to lose our wealth”, he said

The governor while stressing that he did not join APC to further his personal interests or spite the president, denied any face off with Mr. Jonathan.




  1. Amaechi has digrace the southern interest and we are going to show the taste of disgrace. He is a big liar. Northern governors are dragging him to themselves to justify their hatred for Jonathan, let him join he will ttalk true very soon. We hate Amaechi. He must remember that it is only a political party that can win election and not an individual. Rivers is in a mess let him go work and stop making noise.

  2. we the people of Rivers state who fought for the justice that brought you into power even when you did not vote in 2007 Guber election feel so ashamed of your dramatic acts towards FG and Mr President precisely. To whom much is given much is also expected the mandate given to you was not for your to defect or become power crazy for selfish interest. I could remember vividly that your agitation to the President was nothing relating to Oil well,so how come about this Oil well issue? No matter how we seem to cover the Truth from prevailing some day some time it will surely find its way back. The seat you occupy solely belongs to PDP mind you! Omehia won the race but you emerged so don’t throw any stones as you stay in glass house already.

  3. Honestly speaking,what are all these politicans taken we the masses for,they just sit n formulate lies n surprisingly our peopl also dance to the tune.nemesis wil soon catch u amechi.

  4. I will say to all the critics of Governor Chibuike Ameachi to go and rethink, and put yourselves in his shoes, you are protecting mr president’s interest because you are his fan, but let me ask, do you know the beginning of this saga? if you do, then what has GEJ done to resolve it? nothing, rather what he did was to get a loyalist in Wike to start troubling the governor, GEJ is made a president of the Federal Republic of Nigeria not absolute ruler whose word cannot be challenged. neither was he made lord over the governors, that even the wife that was not elected is wielding power to control her state governor, what an opprobrium. Amaechi is also a politician, and his career is still fresh, so let him be and stop acting sentimentally. I will say this is a big blow to GEJ’s second term ambition, let him come back home and keep his home (south South) in order before 2015.

  5. Why condemning Amechi because he has issues with a clueless leader GEJ. Just compare their achievements, u will vividly agree that Amechi has brought about transformation to Rivers than what GEJ has done for Nigeria. GEJ is just opportuned to be our president he can not even withstand half of Amechi personality. Beside Amechi said he joined the APC in the best interset of Rivers people, what else do you people want???


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