Woman finds and returns $223,600 dropped from Armored Car


Probation officer Jessica Luebke left the Jefferson District state probation department office in Harvey, Louisiana and while driving she saw an unusual sight on the side of the road. What looked like a big 2 foot x 2.5 foot Ziploc bag was sitting near the curb. It took a while for Jessica to figure out what was in the bag but eventually she realized that it was filled with cash.

In fact, the bundles of $20 and $100 bills totaled $223,600! Jessica told FOX News’ Shepard Smith, “I turned around immediately as soon as it registered what um, that actually was, that it was a huge bag of cash, I turned around immediately and called Jefferson Parish Sheriff’s Office.”

So where did the nearly quarter million dollars come from? It fell off a truck, or more precisely, an armored car that was transferring the deposit from Boomtown Casino less than 5 miles from the site where the probation officer discovered it. As reported by NOLA.com, Jessica was with supervisor Kewana Ceasor and the Jefferson Parish officers who were trying to determine how the money ended up on Scotsdale Drive, when the armored car pulled up. Jefferson District Administrator, Jon Reeves said that the armored car crew told them that they returned to the casino to retrace their steps once they realized the money was missing.

The Sheriff’s Office returned the cash, then it was deposited at the bank within 30 minutes. As Jon Reeves told NOLA.com, it was lucky that Jessica, a law enforcement officer was the one to find the cash and the situation ended well. We agree, especially after hearing Jessica say, “It was a great day because it actually was recovered. The thought of taking that money or doing anything with that money besides um, turning it in and calling the Sheriff’s office was not on my mind at all.”

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