Yahaya Kwande Dumps PDP For PDM


A founding member of the Peoples’ Democratic Party, PDP, Ambassador Yahaya Kwande, has finally bid farewell to the party saying he is withdrawing his membership of the party due to its inability to provide the impetus for the political development of the country as envisaged by the founding fathers.

Kwande, who made his position known yesterday, said he is pitching his tent with the newly registered Peoples Democratic Movement (PDM).

Speaking after a meeting of the national leaders of PDM and stakeholders held at the party’s headquarters in Abuja to put in place the national Advisory Committee members of the party which he also attended, Kwande said “Today is the day that I say I am no more in the PDP. Otherwise, I have been waiting to see whether they will correct the wrong and negative happenings in the party because I always thought the PDP was a party to be, we started with it and we put in president. The first term of Obasanjo’s rule was helping this country but now, everybody seems to have abandoned the ordinary person in Nigeria, they are only thinking of themselves. Why should we stay in a party that is going sour? So tell everybody today that I am in PDM,” he said.

Shedding more light on why he decided to quit PDP for PDM, Kwande said “When PDM was registered, I was away from this country and as for me, I thought I wasn’t consulted enough but having seen the situation of Nigeria today, PDP has been hijacked by the eastern part of this country and what you now call APC has also been dominated by the western zone of this country. If fact, it symbol shows that it is the grand child of the Action Congress.

“It appeared that we wanted this country to remain united and equally developed, so we had to have another party and particularly the PDM that will continue its efforts of bridging the gap in the north and that is why I decided to accept what my colleagues in the PDM have done by registering PDM as a party,” he said.

Kwande hailed the PDM as a strong political party built on the virtues of justice, equity, good governance and unity of the country adding that no force would deter the party or can stop it from succeeding in its ideals.

He also faulted the insinuation in some quarters that the refusal of some members that were in the PDM when it was still a pressure group to join its fold now as a registered political party, would affect the political success of the party, noting that democracy allows freedom of association for every citizen.

He urged PDM members and Nigerians at large to have faith in the ability of PDM to deepen democracy in the country stressing that the aim of the opposition is to win elections and take over the mantle of leadership “to correct the ills of political activities in Nigeria”.

He also said the refusal of Chief Tony Anenih, who is one of the foundation members of PDM to join the party, will not affect its chances.

“It is impossible for us to just think that one person can cause our party to fall. He is not the only one, why do people keep on calling Tony Anenih, why don’t you mention Professor Ango Abdullahi, who was also with us and others?”

Kwande also threw his weight behind the action of the G-7 governors explaining that it is the presence of democracy that gives rooms for their present opposition to the Bamanga Tukur-led PDP and President Goodluck Jonathan.

-Daily Trust