Asuu To Jonathan No Deal Without Letter

The Academic Staff Union of Universities (ASUU) has insisted that its members would not return to class until the Federal Government responds to its letter requesting it to put its promises to fund the universities in writing and sign it for future reference.

Jonathan ASUUThe National Treasurer of the union, Dr Ademola Aremu, disclosed this while speaking with our correspondent on telephone on Sunday.

Aremu said there can not be any meaningful progress until the government responds to the letter, stressing that ASUU’s request was the collective decision of members across the country and not the decision of the national leadership.
The unionist waved aside the announcement by the Federal Government that it had deposited a large sum of money to meet the demand of ASUU with the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN). He said the proper way of communication with the union should be through a letter confirming the signing of the new agreement it reached with the lecturers.

Describing government’s announcement as a mark of insincerity, Aremu said that the only way it can take government seriously on the issue is a letter confirming the signing of the agreement.

He said: “When we finished negotiation with the President, we promised to go and brief our members and communicate the popular decision of the union to his office. That was exactly what we did. The collective decision of members was that the government should put its proposal in black and white and sign it properly.

“So, if government wants to communicate with us, it should simply respond to the letter, not announcing through the media that certain amount of money was already with the CBN. That is not proper. We don’t believe that is a fair treatment.”

On the ultimatum, Aremu said it was a threat that can not intimidate any lecturer that is worth his salt.
“Any academic that is not an intellect work, that is actually an intellectual will not be intimidated by the threat. Nobody can humiliate you when you are fighting a just cause.” He said.


  1. I think this is just wasting time and looking for excuses. A letter is not an assurance that an agreement will be honored. What is important is for both parties know what was agreed and Nigerians should be aware of it also. Therefore, if FG info Nigerians of her actions, what is wrong with that? ASUU should info Nigerians of their agreement so that if FG fails to honor it then Nigerians will know who to blame. My point is that a letter does not fulfil an agreement but actions and there can be no actions without papers to show for it. Therefore, go to work and let us see if FG won’t keep her promise then another action from ASUU will be understood. Moreover, FG claim it has started as promised.

  2. Even whithout any reponse. Why will FG not act like one who really wants to do and disbursed the so called :money: @ CBN rather than making mouth an empty threat on ASUU

  3. U are blaming FG while ASUU members who ar HODs and VCs, will charge us in Engr’g and Science practical money say, 2K 4 all course practicals. They collect departmental levy say 5K. Yet 4 practcls they fail 2 increase the Lab equipment for years.
    ASUu shld evn start taskin their VCs and HODs 2 use funds well.
    FG employ them no be by force 2 tell them how 2 run their business. They hv 2 make suggestions and present a well written white paper on hw 2 take Nigerian Universities 2 d top.
    Nigerian issues are nt just 3 dimensional e reach 7th dimension.
    Mores needs 2 b done.

  4. ASUU’s lingering strike action is being engineered by the top NORTHERN POLITICAL LEADERS LIKE IBB,ATIKU,BUHARI and others. the same people that are fueling up boko haram. whether u like it or not,one day faggae and aremu shall die disgracefully on the highway on their ways to meeting with the FG!

  5. @ Idorenyin. U Don’t Even Know What U Are Doing. I Doubt It If You Are A Student Because I Can Sense It That U Are Just A Mere Destitute Nigerian Whose Identity Couldn’t Be Identified. Tribalism Is What U Were Fed With Since Ur Bath. Shape On You.


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