Army Promises To Clear Boko Haram Strongholds Before Chritmas


The Nigerian Army has promised that most of the strongholds of the Boko Haram sect will be cleared before Christmas to ensure peaceful celebration.

The spokesman of the 7 Division of the Nigerian Army, Colonel Muhammad Dole gave the assurance, weekend, saying the military was presently involved in battles with the terrorist group, and that they would soon be smoked out of their strongholds.

Dole lamented that the insurgents have terrorised innocent civilians in the border communities especially in Gwoza area in the past through coordinated attacks but noted that troops of the 7 Division have been deployed to the area to maintain peace and clear the insurgents’ camps and hideouts.

“As I am talking to you now, operation is going on and it is going to be a continuous one. The troops of 7 Division with air support from the men of the Nigerian Air Force are carrying out assault on the terrorists. We have identified their camp around the Bita area and we are determined to make all the border communities and the state generally free of Boko Haram activities so that people can move freely and celebrate the Yuletide peacefully,” he said.

Speaking further, Dole revealed that the army was now receiving cooperation from the people of the troubled state of Borno more than before, but urged them to do more, as he appealed for more information on the activities, camps and hideouts of Boko Haram, noting that the fight was a collective one.

He also revealed that the recent assault on a newly identified Boko Haram camp at Bita was very successful “as the insurgents had thought our troops may not trace them to the area.” He said the insurgents had thought the attention of the troops would be focused on Sambisa.


  1. I think in terms of dealing with so called “mob” bokoaram in this country, the federal government need to install wireless device which can work with some device that can fetch those stupid out from far distance showing the ammunitions in their hand true the device.


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