2015: Buhari Must Become APC Presidential Candidate, Says Yerima

BUHARI-1-247x300A former member of the House of Representatives has expressed doubts over the genuine intention of members of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) joining the All Progressives Congress (APC), saying they could be acting as moles in the party.

The former lawmaker, Dr Haruna Yerima, who is a member of the APC merger committee, said PDP moles, who found their way into APC, would be closely monitored to prevent them from destroying the party.

“As APC grows stronger, many politicians of different strength and characteristics are coming to join the party,” he said yesterday.

“We are becoming apprehensive because these politicians are going to come in with their own interest and baggage, particularly PDP baggage.

“Do not also forget that there were some people who were seriously against the presidential ambition of General Muhammadu Buhari and even when we were in ANPP there were some moles among us that worked for PDP but they were inside ANPP. These characters are still around in APC now.

“I want to make it abundantly clear to all those interests that are coming into APC that Buhari must become the presidential candidate.  He has no alternative; he either becomes the presidential candidate of APC or the APC will collapse,” he said.

“All those that are coming in from PDP should forget about their PDP antics. Those moles that we inherited particularly in ANPP, that are now in APC, that might want continue to play the role of moles and work for PDP in APC, should get this message clear”, he added.


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  2. Indeed they should be closely watched. PDP has trained many hearts and minds to be dubious and devious. They are very desperate and would resort to any means. Howbeit so demeaning and wicked.

    APC must not fall for their antics.

    The change we crave for in Nigeria must not elude us. It should not be sacrificed or be allowed to yield no results because of the evil omni-whatever image of the PDP.

  3. Here we go again! Power intoxicated. If truly all these politicians have our love @heart then it shouldn’t be by force for buhari to be presidential candidate. He doesn’t need any printing to know Nigerians doesn’t want him so Yerima please wake up from the sleep.

    My prayer to God is to give us a man that fears him. Please my fellow Nigerian let’s stand up for our right and vote for a man with a vision and not the same people we have been serving for years including buhari. God bless Nigeria

  4. Enough of imposing candidates on Nigeria. All political parties in Nigeria are the same whether PDP or APC. Nigerians shine your eyes to vote the right Candidate that will lead us to our promised land. Forget these old men/politicians parading themselves as saint. They have nothing to offer other than their selfish interest. My confident is that Almighty God is able to stop any politician that want to shed the blood of innocent Nigerians to become President. Politicians in APC and PDP be warned, to lead our believe country is not a ‘do or die affair’.

  5. since i was a child, i have been hearing that children are the future leaders of tomorrow, but up till date the same useless and selfish so called leaders i have known right from childhood are still the one at the corridors of powers.

    enough is enough all you stinking and selfish useless so called leaders, stop fooling around, nigerians are wiser than you think.

  6. If buhari wil b Apc flag bearer they shld 4get abt dem bcoming d president of dis country bc dey dnt hav anytin 2 offer, it is even beta 4 goodluck 2 continue dan buhari, Apc is jst fightin 4 religious purpose ,ethnicity n tribalism. Dey dnt hav nigerians interest at heart, plsssss my fellow 9ja shine ur eyes well well 4 2015.