5 Things Your Spouse Better Not Catch You Doing on Facebook

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FBComplicated-520x260From time to time we see someone’s spouse slipping up on Facebook and wonder, what the heck were they thinking? Perhaps they just didn’t know the dos from the don’ts when it comes to social networking. Since we’re always aiming to help a brother and a sister out, we’ve come up with a list of 5 Things Your Spouse Better Not Catch You Doing on Facebook!

#1 Changing Your Facebook Relationship Status to Single

After a heated argument or disagreement, DO NOT change your Facebook relationship status to single! It may seem like a good way to lash out while you’re in the moment. But after the moment, it will seem really stupid and you’ll regret it. As your Facebook friends, it also leaves a pit in our stomach when we see a couple that we love change their relationship status. Lastly, it causes an entirely new set of problems when the haters pop up to celebrate your new singledom with comments like, good, it’s about time, and do you. Your spouse will be feeling, none of that!

#2 Changing Your Facebook Relationship Status to It’s Complicated

The dreaded “It’s Complicated” may be even worse than choosing Single. You can pretty much guarantee that after your spouse sees this, the next statement that you’ll hear will be, “What the h#$% does It’s Complicated mean?”

#3 LOLing Too Much With Old Flames From High School

They ain’t that funny! This is what you might hear if you get caught LOLing every chance you get with old high school flames. Keep it cordial and don’t go too far overboard. Remember to be respectful of your spouse when using Facebook, and keep in mind how you would feel if they carried on the same way with with their Facebook friends.

#4 Liking Pictures You Have No Business Looking At

You’re browsing through Facebook pages that you have no business looking at, but no one will know right? Wrong! What you didn’t realize when you accepted that half-naked girl’s friend request was that you’d later be tagged in a picture with her laying naked in a pile of Air Jordans, for everyone to see. Or when you viewed the totally inappropriate video of male strippers getting buck wild, you didn’t realize your SocialCam settings were unprotected, and all of your friends (including your husband) were just notified that Judy watched “Buckwild & the Booty Bandits” on Socialcam

#5 Quitting Your Job or Any Other Life Changing Decisions

When you make a decision that will effect your family, the best way to handle it would be to have a discussion with your spouse in advance of any rash decisions. The worst way to handle it would be to have your spouse find out via Facebook that you’ve quit your job, stuck it to the man, realized you don’t need this bull or whoever you’d like to put it. It’s easy to fall into the trap of instant gratification and cheerleading that Facebook offers, but let’s not get carried away.


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