6 Signs Your Fiance is Falling in Love with You

black-couple-flirting-300x220The courtship period is the most enjoyable phase in a couple’s life. It is that time when they get to know one another by spending a lot of quality time together. Sometimes, in arranged marriages, it can be difficult for you to judge whether your fiancé has started to fall in love with you or not? Here we give you those 6 signs that will tell you for sure that he is head over heels in love with you.

1. He can’t stop staring at you
Any girl can tell a man’s intentions by the look in his eyes. When your guy looks at you with a sweet twinkle in his eyes, know that he adores you! A guy who is not that into you will surely look at you but not stare. If he really loves you, it will be very difficult for the poor chap to keep his eyes off his lady love.

2. Calls you whenever he is free
When your marriage is an arranged one, you both are like closed books to each other. The more you meet and the more you talk over the phone, more you will be able to unfold a new page about each other. But, if you constantly keep calling him without him not making any effort, know that it is a negative sign. A guy who is falling for you would want to spend his free time with you, go out to dinners, watch movies and will definitely call whenever he gets the time.

Little gestures
Little gestures for example, holding the door for you, speaks a lot about him. Well, such small gestures not only show his love but also says that he cares for and respects you. Pulling out your chair for you while you are out at a restaurant, letting you go first everywhere and even simpler things like letting you have your favourite fruit out of his fruit salad are gestures that show he is completely in love with you. It also shows the mark of a real gentleman!

Loves to cuddle
Most women love to snuggle and cuddle with their guys. Even a simple thing like watching your favourite TV show while just cuddling each other is more than enough for her to feel loved and special. If your fiancé likes to do the same with you instead of forcing you to go a step further and getting physically intimate, know there and then that he is in love with you and is not in a hurry to get physical.

Goes that extra mile
The courtship period brings with itself lots of gifts, pampering and wooing from your guy. Every guy will try to impress you by showing affection in some way or the other but only the one who is deeply in love with you will make that extra effort. Keeping in mind your little secrets and desires and fulfilling them, giving you gifts that actually have a significance and just simply being there for you is what your soulmate will do for you. You would be surprised how little things can bring huge amount of joy to you.

He actually listens
Men are not usually good listeners. If you want to cry your heart out, you will probably do it to your girlfriend instead of your guy as you know you might end up getting disappointed if he does not pay interest. But if your fiancé actually listens attentively to what you have to say and also offers his suggestions time and again for your problems, catch the sign. This shows that he considers your worries his own and wants to get involved in your life too


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