Alariwo Of Africa Beaten Up By Area Boys For Insulting A Female Artiste (LOOK)

On December 19, 2013, the wife of popular On Air Personality (OAP), Soji Omotayo, Ewade’s album entitled, Olore Ofe was launched in Lagos. It was a joyful day for all music and movie people who gathered to see the berth of the new artiste. However, it was not the same for music icon and compere of the event Rotimi Martins, otherwise known as Alariwo of Africa, as he was thoroughly beaten by area boys.

Information available to us indicate that the problem started for Alariwo when he intentionally looked down on popular female musician, Bisola Oke a. k. a Eleyele. He deliberately ignored her presence even when he acknowledged the person next to her. He worsened the already built up crisis by indicating that people who he did not recognise should send their names to him.

Immediately, Eleyele allegedly informed people sitting close to her that Alariwo has repeatedly behaved the same way to her. According to her, it was not his first time of ignoring her presence in event. She equally disclosed that her problem with Alariwo kicked-off because she does not give him undue respect of addressing him as ‘brother’.

Meanwhile, what people inside the hall did not actually understand was how area boys hanging outside the venue got hint of Alariwo’s attitude towards Eleyele.

Alariwo concluded the event and stepped out unaware that area boys have laid ambush for him. Julia Blaise was told that he received slaps and thorough beating from every angle that he took off in search of the nearest building to take cover. It was equally revealed that the hoodlums screamed that he has disgraced Eleyele a lot and deserves some beating.


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