Amaechi Goes Ballistic On Jonathan, First Lady… Denies Impregnating Soyinka’s Daughter

patience-Amaeachi-JonathanGovernor of Rivers State, Mr. Rotimi Amaechi has opened a can of worms on the frosty relationship between him, President Goodluck Jonathan and the First Lady, Dame Patience Jonathan.

Amaechi, who is Chairman of the Nigeria Governors Forum, NGF, told journalists at an interactive session in Port Harcourt, the Rivers capital weekend, that while the First Lady wanted to rule the state by proxy, her husband, President Jonathan, wanted to cripple the state economically to the advantage of his home state, Bayelsa. But he refused to allow both of them have their way, hence, the once rosy relationship turned sour.

Mrs. Jonathan, like Amaechi is from Rivers State. Bayelsa was also part of the old Rivers State.

The frosty relationship between the governor on one hand and the president and his wife on the other hand is at the root of the present political crisis in the oil rich state with the State House of Assembly under lock and key following the polarization of the Assembly along the line of pro and anti-Amaechi lawmakers.

The state Assembly, comprising of 31 members is unevenly divided with six lawmakers purportedly encouraged by the presidency attempting to hijack the legislative arm of government from the majority, who are considered pro-Amaechi and are 25 in number.

He said: “The wife of the President wanted to macro-manage governance in Rivers State and I said no, you cannot. I was elected. If I fail, they will not say the wife of the President failed; they will say Governor Amaechi failed. I am accountable to God, men and women of Rivers State.

“The wife of the President was not elected the Governor of Rivers State. I was elected. I am not in any way the wife of the President. I am the Governor of Rivers State, married to Judith Amaechi.

“I am telling you why they want to crucify me. This fight is about change. It is about good governance. It is about accountability. They do not like Rivers State. They hate us. We are losing. Tell me one thing that Rivers State has gained from being part of the South South under Goodluck Jonathan’s Presidency”.

The governor, who was elected on the platform of the Peoples Democratic Party but defected along with four other governors to the All Progressives Congress (APC) recently, also laid the blame for the resurgence of militancy and kidnapping in the state at the doorstep of the First Lady.

“By the time the wife of President Jonathan brought out the militants, we had almost got to zero point of no kidnapping in Port Harcourt. Where we were witnessing kidnapping were villages near Bayelsa and Abia States. We were thinking of how to go there with military surge, to chase the criminals back to their bases”, he said.

Amaechi added that his principled stand has earned him reproach from the president’s wife, who, according to him, is bent on removing him from office using federal power.

“She also held a Security Council meeting with them in Otuoke (President Jonathan’s hometown in Ogbia LGA of Bayelsa State), declaring that they would use federal ‘mighty’ (instead of might). But we have God Almighty.

“Is there any governor that has passed through what I passed through that is still alive? I am still talking as the Governor of Rivers State because there is God. They can use their federal ‘mighty,’ but I depend on the Almighty God.”

He also accused President Jonathan of not helping the situationby trying to under-develop Rivers at the expense Bayelsa State.

He cited the Zonal Air Force originally earmarked for Rivers by the late President Umaru Yar’Adua but which was relocated to Bayelsa and the transfer of Soku oil wells to Bayelsa as some of the perceived ill-treatment the state got from Mr. Jonathan despite voting massively for him in the 2011 presidential elections.

“The Nigerian Liquefied Natural Gas Company (on Bonny Island in Rivers State) is even the worst. The members of the board and management of the NLNG came to me and pleaded with me to speak with the NNPC (Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation) to allow them to do Train Seven in Bonny, that will employ 10,000 Rivers people”, he said.

“I approached the NNPC and I went to the Petroleum Ministry. I do not want to call names, because most of them are my friends. They told me no. I thought it was a joke. That time, there was no quarrel between me and President Jonathan, because we had just finished elections (2011) and we were still chummy-chummy.

“I met with President Jonathan to kindly speak with officials of the NNPC and the Petroleum Ministry to allow NLNG to build Train Seven. President Jonathan said he wanted them to finish Brass LNG in his Bayelsa State, before they could build Bonny NLNG’s Train Seven. Mr. President said no and that he directed the officials of the NNPC and the Petroleum Ministry to say what they said.

“Mr. President said right from when he was the Deputy Governor of Bayelsa State, he had been trying to get the Brass LNG and wants to get it now that he is the President. You cannot force investors. So, we must wait for Bayelsa State before Rivers State can grow.

“The implication is that Rivers State will not grow until Goodluck Jonathan finishes his Presidency. Is that a good government? Is that a good party? Should I remain there? If I was lying, they would have replied me. What is Southsouth President? There is only one thing in politics, which is interest. You cannot play politics of Nigeria with religion or ethnicity”.

He added: “They took Soku oil wells from us and they took 41 oil wells from Etche to Abia State. Should I remain in that kind of party that is denying Rivers State its resources?

“When I said they could not account for N2.3 trillion for oil subsidy, they said what is your source? I was in a meeting with President Jonathan. Nigerians never knew that governors went on strike for three months. We refused to collect our monthly allocations, because we told President Jonathan that under Yar’Adua late Umaru under Gen. Obasanjo (former President Olusegun), the total oil subsidy was N300 billion.

“The first year of President Goodluck Jonathan, in 2011, oil subsidy became N2.3 trillion. Did we buy more machines, more human beings in Nigeria, we had 24 hours power supply, things have changed in Nigeria, that we now consume N2.3 trillion from N300 billion?”

He also denied the allegation that he was working against the administration of a fellow South-southerner.

His words: “Who is a South South President? For me, a Southsouth President is the man who feels for me and cares.

“For them to be doing the East-West Road (from Oron in Akwa Ibom State, through Ogoniland in Rivers State to Bayelsa, Delta, Edo, Ondo and Ogun States, terminating in Lagos State), I had to fight the Minister of Niger Delta Affairs (Elder Godsday Orubebe).

“They said they would borrow money. They borrowed money and are now doing the East-West Road. The Southsouth President should have borrowed the money since 2011 that he came in and completed the East-West Road.

“Unfortunately, Yar’Adua is not alive to speak for himself. I was part of the people who sat down with Yar’Adua to start the designing of coastal rail from Cross River, Akwa Ibom, Rivers, Bayelsa, Delta, Edo, Ondo and Ogun States, up to Lagos State. Have you heard of it again?”

He recalled a meeting he had with the late President Yar’Adua who, he said, asked what the Federal Government could do for Rivers State to stem militancy.

Amaechi said he suggested the provision of a skills’ acquisition centre and the then President proceeded to award contracts for the project to ‘prominent Rivers people’ only for President Jonathan, on replacing Yar’Adua, to sack the contractors.

The contracts, he added, were then re-awarded to other people.

“For four years, the Federal Government’s skills’ acquisition centre is yet to be completed. It is not about the contractor not working. They are not funding the contractor, because the project is in Rivers State,” he said.

Amaechi also looked at the party he left and declared that PDP is fast drowning ahead of the 2015 elections.

According to him, more PDP governors will defect to the APC and that the PDP could only win in 2015 by rigging.

He described the APC as the change agent Nigeria needs at this point in its history.

He said that by March 2014 the APC would have become the majority party in the Senate.

Amaechi said, “We are gradually forming government. We have taken over the House of Representatives. Before March (2014), we will take over the Senate. Just watch out.

“The pressure will mount so much that they (Senators) will move from the PDP into APC. For now, it is narrowing down closely everyday and we are counting. Watch out before March, if we will not have the number we are looking for”.

He also used the opportunity to debunk reports that he impregnated Nobel Laureate, Prof. Wole Soyinka’s daughter and that his wife, Judith, had run away from Government House, Port Harcourt, saying the rumour was spread by his political detractors.

“I read a story that I impregnated Prof. Wole Soyinka’s (Nobel laureate’s) daughter. That she is living in my house and my wife has run away. The story was bad. I had to call back my wife, so that they would know that she had not divorced me. She was not planning to do Christmas in Nigeria.

“She (Judith Amaechi) is back to see her husband, spend time with the husband, do some of her functions as wife of the governor, so that they will know that I am still married. Not just that I am still married, I am a Catholic.

“My marriage is as solid as a Catholic marriage. There is absolutely no room for divorce. What you have is room for annulment. There is only one ground for annulment of marriage in Catholic Church that is the marriage never took place. That means the woman either deceived him to marry her or the man deceived her into marrying him. Any other thing is called for better, for worse”, he asserted.



  1. The worse governor ever to rule Rivers State. It is unfortunate the supreme court fostered a mentally challenged individual on Rivers.He has suceeded in under developping the state. Catholics have never made good governors or presidents anywhere in the world, Amaechi is an example.

  2. Gov Ameachi ur days are number,we are tired of ur antics, u lie alot with ur flippant mounth. God should have mercy on u! Cus u want to create disunity among us in rivers, but u shall never succeed. God willing u shall reap wat u sow today.

  3. Amaechi you failed itsn’t bcos GEJ is from s/south or bcos u are under pdp,u are already a failure.A lazy work- man always quared with his tools.Are the only Govn in s/south?Akwa ibom, Edo, Delta C/River even GEJ own state are all trying their best,bcos u are a traitor.U said pdp could only win in 2015 by rigging,it simply mean pdp are election riggers so the election that brought you into power was equally rigged to your favour.Join the Boko Harams to kill your fellow xtian Shameless PIG.

  4. Is it about amaechi’s person or is it about the facts he has laid bare before our eyes. Or has religion any role in the current impasse in the country that catholicism has become an issue in the rivers political situation? Truth is, interests clashed and rivers state only happened to be the turf. So sad!

  5. Pls av respect for the office of the commander in chief.He is our president. stop sowing d seed of discord
    between d two states becos u will ever live to regret d repacautions of ur utterances.Gov,pls be warned and live nigerians to choose who should be our next presidents.basket mounth.

  6. I jst hope he realises hw flippant he is 2 his superior.2moro u want 2 get 2 dat position bt u cant show any respect 2 ur president.stupid fool dat calls him sed a leader..did u see how gej responds 2 all allegation u n ur likes hv been throwin on him?infact dat man is innocent so u pple shud jst leave gej alone 4 peace 2 reign.u are failure n in Apc u accepted lost 4 2 u gr8t loser.abeg mak we hear word joor

  7. Amaechi, its high time you strt using ur head. As an empty drum, we expect dis noise 4rm u. But not to Nigerian president, u r not just insultin him but 2 all Nigerians…… You r not d 1st person 2 fail… We Rivers pple knw u, Nigerians knw u…. Bringing u 2 APC is pouring old wine in2 a new battle… I wonder how d wine wil taste…. God bless Rivers state… God bless Nigeria

  8. Amechi, ur fight with Jona is like that of David & Goliath. “Okuko belu na ngige okuko egwu ngige egwu” Oga Joe is not a history student, let me remind him the case of Uba family & Obasanjo against Ngige. Amechi bu ” Obele nsi n’mebi ike”, Amechi bu odudu belu na a…..u Joe. Joe has brought the invested firewood so he must stop soliciting sympathy.

  9. It is about time Amaechi stopped behaving like a child whose toy was taken from him and realise that he is Governor of a State and some decorum is expected of him. He has left the PDP and there is no need trying to justify his action and with such stupid stories. Let see how it unfolds. In politics it does not always work out the way You think and Amaechi will find out soon enough.

    • You are nothing but a fucking fool,is this how your great country should look like can you compare few years Umuru musa Yardua use with 4 years your GEj use,if you all want development for this great nation of ours let kick all of them out and inject fresh blood so that our great nation can be a place to live.

  10. Rotimi, rotimi y not ask ur self a questions, hw many govrs talks to there president d way u do, even d so called govrs, from d north, wil never do dat, haba dats hw u ended up wit ur political God parents d Odili family, u are total disgrace to d south south as a whole, nwa ojor

  11. Ameachis problem is insecurity , he always trying to convince the people of Nigeria and hls state in particular reasons why he is fighting the president, ameachi started fighting the president even when he was the acting president. pls ameachi you can tell those your cock and bull stories to goats and falls.not to adult like us.mumu.

  12. Even if Amaechi was right in all his accussations to Mr.President,people like me cannot believe him because jonathan is our president elected by mostly Nigerians and our number one citizen,if he insult jonathan he is also insulting all Nigerians and he has no respect to God he put jonathan in power.Amaechi should handle his issues with mr president by inviting Rivers state Elders to meet with him secretly and sort out the issues in Rivers state not creating problems all over the country.Govornors in Britain,America and so on would not like to disgrace their president or prime minister openly the way Amaechi is doing trying to form another government that will fight against jonathan government.Amaechi just return back to mr president with ur group and make peace with him now there’s still not be like lucify who challenged God and today he is no more where he used to be.

  13. Sheriff its a pity my name sake you are a big fool why is it now that your soul call Amaechi is revealing the secret out cos he want you fool to vote him in the new party and who is fooling who? Tomorrow Amaechi will be like APC are this and that is it not the same people thief that change name Obasanjo wants to joint APC those that make Obasanjo a change person? Neither other thieves we call leaders just pity we youth and some idiot like Sheriff and Co.

  14. Amechi remain bless they cannot cage u like Uduagha of Delta state,who rit under his nose is been used lik a toy. Delta is not progressing just lik D way Nig is not progressing. To Goodluck I keep telling if u cannot give Nigeria contant power,write ur handover note n leave governance 4 lyf.

  15. Amaechi thats your varsion! It’s unfortunately that we can’t hear 4rm GEJ. But whatever be d case, GEJ is a president and u r a governor. Learn to talk to him as ur president and he will relate with u as a governor. N stop pacifism n dancing naked b4 Nigerian. Becaurse u joining APC means u r there to make GEJ n indeed d entire PDP ur political rivals. U also said by Mach 2014 majority of the senate will move to APC…. Hmmmm Don’t u know it’s thesame people with thesame politcal abission but now call APC (All pagans Company)?

  16. Stop attacking the person. Rather, address the contents of his interview and bring out the fact for the development of this great country. Remember, we have a pivotal role to play to make this nation great again. Lets address the issue and deliver good gudgement based on facts

  17. All of you supporting Jonathan are just dummies like him. Tell me one good thing he has done for Nigeria. Ameachi is one Governor I respect and he has shown wisdom in handling the affairs of rivers state. GEJ has failed Nigeria.

  18. He said we had 24hrs power supply! God!! His man most b under d influence Of something. Never had Nigeria had it this good in power supply under any admnt. In my area apart from few hrs intermission there has been light constactly 4 some months now

    • We are not talking about BOLDNESS here,instead,we are talking about Reciprocal (Respect). Amaechi is not Bolder than the Northan Governors especially Babangida Aliu.Amaechi is just being disrespectful to a seating president. No Governor in the history of Nigeria had ever disrespected the office and person of a seating president the way Amaechi is going on a serial basis. We all know he is just afraid of the EFCC believing he can escape being investigated after his tenure. No hiding place for corrupt Government officials come 2016. GEJ will never be an exception after his out off power.

  19. I have no blame for GEJ bcus no achievement for him b/4 been a President of this nation. Majority of Nigeria citizen are not check the record of who they want to vote for. But fresh man. Without ethnic or religion we know who deserve to be a good leader of this nation with there past record. South-south people shine your eye, where is sub siding money, insecurity, corruption, mismanagement, etc. So we need good leader with good past record. God bless Nigeria.

  20. with some types of comments here, u are sure that Nigeria is in a sympathetic state. It will only take the grace of God to be on the right track. Everyone should note that, whether you are sincere or not, what goes around comes around. So, the hypocrites should continue with their hypocrisy and the deceivers should continue with their deceit; the sentimental and bigots should continue with their sentiments and bigotry. when the calamity comes, it will befall everyone no matter your position. My advice is, if you will comment on issues, comment with sincerity of purpose. As for the politicians, when they will be drinking,eating,laughing and sharing the money together, I wonder where many of these commentators will be.

  21. Y is everybody after amechi. Amechi dis, Amechi dat.People have forgotten d type politics we play in dis part of the world – were a sitting president will use d state apparatus to silence percieved political opponents or those those percieved to be threats to them and their ambitions. The case of OBJ withholding the monthly allocation of lagos state under Tinubu for several months is still fresh in mind. Y is it dat people are myopic to see the issues and arguments being raised by Amechi? I’m not trying to say that amechi is saint or GEJ the devil. But the issuese being buttress by amechi are weighty ones – the bonny nlng project, the soku oil fields, the 41 oil wells wrongly given to abia state, the east-west road project and above all the first lady trying to rule rivers state by proxy (making amechi her stooge). GEJ and his wife a lot of explanations to make on dis amechi’s allegation on them for rivers people and Nigerians in general to appreciate what amechi’s groose with nigerias first family is is all about.

  22. Its only an idiot that will not see reason with what Amaechi is doing. What is the countribution of Jonathan to rivers aside sponsoring rebellion against the governor by bribing some lawmakers to go against him, and his plan even failed. You said Amaechi joined a islamic party! Why are you so narrow minded like this? I wonder if you ever went to school, how is APC a moslem or northern party?the problem with u is that u are all lazy and don’t even read the news, apc has ONE governor in the north(nasarawa) and yet u claim its northern party, apc has FIVE governors in southwest and you don’t claim its a western party, pls do a bit of thinking and research before u comment.thanks

  23. Going thru some of the comments here, I can’t but weep for our nation. Majority of our citizens lack objectivity. Y are we so myopic? Is it about the messenger or the message? Are the issues raised by Amaechi not weighty enough for enlightened minds to start asking questions? Anyway, it’s obvious this is y we are where we are as a nation right now; sentiments. I can only conclude with the same prayer someone prayed earlier: MAY GOD ALMIGHTY MANAGE D AFFAIRS OF YOUR LIFE THE SAME WAY GEJ HAS MANAGED THIS NATION. Type amen if u think GEJ has done so well.

  24. When I read poles comments they amused me.we have refused to read in btwn de line. Some castigate Amaechi dat he is rude nd shud no talk to his president like dat ND feel very comfortable to a Governor de way de it fair?

  25. Ameachi u dey fall hand, u hv never liked anything abt Jonathan, u started fighting him wen he ws Vice President, u r spending our money sponsoring Pple to join u in d fight to no avail, u & Gov. Sylver fought so he wldn’t b acting President & God fought 4 him today he is not jst acting President but d President, r u not tired?

    If he wants Brass LNG to b developed 1st, I mean, wat is wrong wit dt? He is d President & decides where he takes development to, u decided to Develop Ikwere land in d name of Greater PH, did any other chairman fight u 4 not developing dre place?

    U complain of ceding Oilwells to Bayalsa state, how many Oilwells did Akwa-Ibom cede to Rivers State earlier on, wat did Akwa-Ibom Government do, dey went to court & fought to supreme court & Rivers State won d case, did anybody including d Government of Akwa-Ibom state fight & abuse Jonathan & his family cos dey lost Oilwells to Rivers State?

    Cross Rivers State lost also to Akwa-Ibom, nobody in dt state disrespected d 1st Family d way u r doing, it’s uncalled for, reckless & very childish & stupid of u a Governor engage in such scandalous activity. U hv said Politics is abt interest, u hv a right to fight for ur own personal interest, now dn’t u think he also has a right & his interest to protect?.

    U & ur G7 governors went 4 a meeting wit d President, in dt meeting, u all listed wat ur demands r, Wch r: 1-dt Bamanga Tukur b removed as party Chairman, 2-dt u b given ur Party Structure, 3-dt u b recognised as Governor’s Forum Chairman, 4-dt Jonathan shld not run 4 a 2nd term, & 3 others I cn’t remember, u never negotiated for or made mention of Rivers State & Oilwells in dt negotiations, neither ws development of d Niger Delta part of ur agenda. How come now u r saying ur fight is 4 Oilwells? Fight dt u hv started long b4 d Oilwell issues came up

    Ameachi tell Rivers People d truth & stop seeking public sympathy via social media & d press.

  26. When I read pples comments they amused me.we have refused to read in btwn de line. Some castigate Amaechi dat he is rude nd shud no talk to his president like dat ND feel very comfortable to talk to a Governor de way dey it fair?

  27. Am surprise that people can not see what Gov Ameachi is doing in rivers state,they want him to share Rivers state money for them so that they will be satisfy.if Gov Ameachi is lying,they should also go to the media to prove him wrong afterall they have been doing that before now.beside they should tell us(the world) their own part of the story

  28. Will this open letters ad critisisms allowe GEJ to focus ad deliver so! Na wa o. D solution is to reelect GEJ for 2015 ad let’s see what will b of APC. Then u will know that APC will turn this country upsidown even if GEJ is voted for by d mass that see in him, trying to do his best.

  29. Am so suprise that a gov can insult a sitting President like this and people are saying he is right. I withdrew my respect for Ameachi after his interview on CNN few months back. Let the Wisemen tell me know how many govs in the world have abused their President infront of international media as Ameachi did. We ve Presidents in Nigeria that achieved nothing and nobody insult him. A man’s enemy is a member of his household.

  30. When people fail to be realistic, stop taking side and face reality then Nigeria will be a better place. The Gov. enumerated his hindrance and challenges you guys were calling him names. In a situation like this, we just have to be objective and evaluate each statements from each of the parties concern. How do you expect the Gov. to perform when he is facing repression and some national power want to take over the state from him?

    Some of you are saying that the Gov. is not popular then how come he has more state house of assembly to his side than the opposing side?

    You people should wake up.

  31. we ve had heard enof of this same stori from this bastard and he knows he could not deceive rivers people,let the outsiders continue to support him. this man that had done all manner of evil to elected LG chairmen and citizens of rivers, and even made a millitant the CSO, now want to parade himself as better than lucifer. we are waiting for him to bring voters from osun to deliver APC in Rivers

  32. u are all sponsored by GEJand PDP. Amaechi is d messiah for freedom from selfishness. Goodluck Jonathan is a dictator and a failure. I dont blame u fools that are supporting him.U ve been paid with penny. u better wise up

  33. People should be objective in their thinking. Decipher the message and stop being myopic in their views. All these while, GEJ had never come out to denounce the allegations on the Soku Oil wells. Pls, he should just return our wells to us. Governor Amaechi, it is well. God will vindicate you soon. Akpabio is now on the protest. Do not be distracted in your fight.

  34. Hmmn….Amaechi have spoke well infact if we can look @ d root of this matter u wiL knw this msg had been baffle AMaechi for a very long time and dis is opprotunity for him to xpress his feelings dis not a matter of criticising mr pre.but to say the fact uncle jona hasn’t done anything as president so Amaechi is very right

  35. PDP have been ruling for almost two decades and there is no progress nor any improvement as for APC, when rain falls on leopard does wash off its spot? When the same set of corrupted rulers ‘they are not leaders because they lack credibility the chief quality of a leader’ decamp from one party to another, what different does that make? Therefore, let’s stop criticism and pray for God’s intervention. God bless Nigeria

  36. Men! I nono wetin to talk ooo but I won’t lie hv nt seen anytin dat jona did that can make me vote 4 him again. And 2ndly no politician or any leader will say anytin dat I will believe, Nigeria na O.Y.O country ooo if u depend on gov. Na death be dat ooo

  37. If u take a look at all those behind these rubbish they called comments on this page, they are all youths and sometimes i cry when i see youth fighting themselves because of leaders. Let me tell u what u don’t know, All these so called leaders will sit down together and share loots, drink and wine together, their children will be in the same club together also dining and wining together, whereas you will just sit down at a cybercafe or your handset making comments that will not generate income for you. You all better think of what is good for urselves and stop making comments on issues you don’t know the beginning and i am sure some of us may not know the end.


  39. All people criticising Amaechi should stop all these nonsense, and let us face realities. The realities are all allegations levied against Mr President and his administration. Nigerians should find ways to verify all these allegations.

  40. @ Darlington Uche,can U pls tell me what your-so-called president has achieved? In case U don’t know I’ll make this clear to you: The nation’s educational tertiary institution has been on strike since April,I would explain; The Polytechnics started their own strike 3rd week in April,nd it was after the strike was two months old that the President came up to talk concerning the matter,that he heard it only about two weeks prior to that time,in a nutshell,the strike was suspended in d 3rd week of July,prior to this ASUU started their own strike which ended around mid December, meanwhile ASUP resumed their own strike on the 4th of October which is still ongoing. Now tell me what sort of President, an education personnel for that matter would watch and let the Nation’s education system go down the drain.