Auto Dealers Banned From Displaying Cars On Road Side

auto dealer

Lagos State Governor, Mr Babatunde Fashola has told auto dealers to stop using road sides as showrooms for their vehicles.

Speaking while inaugurating the reconstructed Kodesho Road and Simbiat Abiola Way in Ikeja, Lagos, the governor who also warned other hawkers against selling on the road, said that this was causing traffic gridlock and a lot of inconvenience to road users.

Fashola added that there was a lot of serious health implications if motorists have to stay too long on the road.

“We build roads to let us get to our businesses; our places of work quickly and to make movement easier.

“But some residents covert the roads to places they trade and as long as we continue to trade on them, we defeat the purpose for which they were built.

“As long as we turn our roads to shopping malls where everybody buys in traffic, we all pay the price because you all know that such causes stress and hypertension.

“Now, I see those who sell cars on Mobolaji Bank Anthony Way and other areas have turned sections of the highways into showrooms.

“I am using this opportunity to tell them to get land where they can display and sell their cars. If we want to be great people, we don’t turn our highways into car shops,” he said. [NAN]


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