Battered pregnant woman: Lebanese boss arrested


The Lebanese boss who allegedly beat up a pregnant factory worker, causing her to lose her 7-months pregnancy, has been arrested by the Nigerian police. Kaveh Noine, a manager with Toppan Printing Company located in Ikeja Industrial Estate, was arrested yesterday Friday December 27th in Kano where he fled to and was brought back to Lagos to face justice.

A pic of the woman who lost her pregnancy, Alexandra Ossai, above. She confirmed that Mr Noine had assaulted her several times during her short stay at the company and indeed kicked her in the stomach few days before she lost her pregnancy. Alexandra also said the Lebanese manager was in the habit of physically assaulting other workers whenever he felt they stepped out of line.

Not only will Mr Noine face justice for what he did to Alexandra, but the Lagos State government via the Lagos State Public Advice Centre, also wants to bring other assault charges against him. They plan to visit the company and talk with other workers and find out if more people were abused by him.
Source: Punch


  1. Yes a culprit has been caught but going further to ask workers in that organization for any claims of assault will not end this incident from reoccuring.Our Labour Union only sit and wait for such case to arise before they start runing up and down asking for punishment to be melt out to such an organization.İ for sure see every out lebanese or foreign organization doing the same and covering their tracks and nigerians in those organization help them to inflict psychological,emotional and financial pain on fellow nigerians.O thou Niger will thou be a mumudom forever

  2. The Fed and state govts cannot pretend they don’t know before now that this is happening. Labour union are not living up to their responsibilities. This battering occur everyday in all the Dangote companies from Indians. Who are probably are shoe shiners in India but come here to claim expertrate but use Nigerians to do the work and get the credit.


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