Boko Haram: Goodluck Jonathan Administration The Reason Nigeria’s Still United – Smart Adeyemi

jonathan-bokoFormer national president of the Nigeria Union of Journalists, NUJ, Smart Adeyemi now senator representing Kogi West in the upper legislative chamber of the National Assembly, has declared that the presidency of Dr. Goodluck Jonathan was timely especially at a time when Nigeria is battling terrorism, saying under any other government, the country would have collapsed.

The journalist-turned politician, who made this known in an interview culled from Leadership Newspapers, also expressed explicit confidence in the present administration to win the war against insurgency even as he flayed critics of the approach adopted by President Jonathan in tackling the menace of terrorism.

“Tell me any government that has ruled this country that has had the kind of challenges that the current government is facing. Tell me the government in Nigeria [that] has faced the worse social disorder than the Goodluck Jonathan government?”

He added that “There is no government in Nigeria that has had the burden and the pains of carrying the challenge of terrorism more than Goodluck Jonathan. The problem of terrorism is enough to collapse the economy. If we didn’t have the government of Goodluck Jonathan, the country would have disintegrated”.

Justifying his assertion that the present administration is what is still holding the country together, Adeyemi said: “I will tell you, the humility and civility of Goodluck Jonathan at the time of serious challenge that requires to the thinking of some people that government should use might to tackle the problem of the Boko Haram in a country as diverse as Nigeria, the consequences would have been worse”, adding that “Government is not the way people outside see it. The complexity and diversity of governance and our nation coupled with the burden of governance is now more real than the way I saw it before I became a senator”.

On his perceived governorship ambition, Adeyemi said, “No! All I am doing is to complement their (state government’s) efforts. There are other people who can do that (become the governor). What I am doing now is to let the people see what you mean when you say that you are representing them”.


  1. Senator… Not everyone has ‘Smart’ in their names… In fact most of that do make you wonder how they got the name… Most of the others, neither have it in their name or character for that matter. You sir, have done YOUR name (and indeed the word) good justice…

  2. senator Adeyemi has really proved it right. ethnicity, religion, is the major tools in the hands of some set of people. if it were a particular set ; the minority set of people base on tribe, I would have said they were aggrieved over social and economic marginalization. But in a case where the north west thought that, they are better Moslem to us is evil. the era of intimidation, oppression and suppression is over. Terrorism in the north is an old fashion of ideas, which lured the black selling his or her fellow being into slavery because of ignorance. Stop enslaving yourself over an Arab political ideology. Embrace Jonathan dream for your betterment. your leaders for many years are not sincere to you. they takes opportunity of your illiteracy and trend on your destiny. some one said, Jesus Christ is the God of the Christian. how correct is it? please, I need someone to elaborate on this.
    wishing you long life and prosperity, Adeyemi.

  3. @Ageli,I read your comment,it was interesting but towards the end you goofed by calling Islam an arab ideology,Y do you go to church?was jesus christ(P.B.U.H)sent to you,he was sent to the Israelites,yet u followed him,that wasn’t another mans ideology,right?.Be objective in all your sayings,that way we’ll live better off in this great country.

  4. @Bayo A.B, we need people like you to move this nation 4ward. Until we see ourselves as one irrespective of tribe and religion, Nig will continue xperience difficulty. For the author, senato smart Adeyemi, he is on point. No govt in the history of this country has xperience this kind of challenges. May God see us through IJN


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