Breaking News: ASUU Vows to Go On with the Strike

The Members of the Academic Staff Union of Universities (ASUU) have vowed to continue with the ongoing strike until the Federal Government meets all of its demands.

asuu-president-_-fagge-440x330In a press briefing which started in Abuja in the afternoon of December 2, 2013, the President of ASUU, Nasir Fagge, declared the union “shall never be cowed.”

“We shall bow only to what we as academics are convinced will serve the interest of Nigeria and its people, no matter their ethnic, religious or class origins. This is where we stand. We shall never be cowed,” the leader of ASUU said.

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  1. Wike is a curse to Nigeria. His yeye order is responsible to the insistence to continue strike by the university academics. Our politicians can take as much as the money they steal ah sorry, they take home as salary but cannot pump as much as needed towards the improvement of education in Nigeria. God will judge.

  2. I hope asuu won’t end up sharing ds money dey ar fighting for cos we experienced such in fuel subsidy remover. Ar dey fighting for skul interest or sharing interest? May God hav his way.

  3. Government should invite ASUU for talks and find a way to meet their demands. The government will benefit it in the long run.

  4. ASSU strike every where and yet nothing has been done to call off the ongoing strike! What of ASUP (Acedemy Staff Unior of Polythecnics), nothinghas been said on ASUP and this is the 5th month and u thnk many students that have no option than to sleep andwake up @ home would not join any gang that would fetch them money if they are called upon????? What I personally noticed is that non of today’s leaders have any plan for we the leaders of tommorow! This is a country where by, our leder exchange blows in the govt house buh no student dares fight or ATTEMPT to fight orelse, he would be widrawned frm sch!!!

  5. Enough is Enough,ASU as failed this country..i still cannot fathom the simple logical reason..why the strike should continue..its nothing but selfish aggrandizment.and inordinate desire..Why cant u respect the president..having meeting for hours with executives of asu all to no avail..minister of Education pls dissolve ASU..And people sending negative messages pls think rationally..and move this country foward…Thank You.

  6. Thank you OLATEJU..This strike is politically motivated..its evident..
    They want to use the medium to impeach jonathan..but this is hightime for him to seek advise frm people like obasanjo…becos he knows the way out..asu is rubbish..their complains is too much without doing nothing..

  7. These politicians are not willing to serve this country better they are juat after their own needs. Lets assume it is the Senate that declared on a strike demanding money from the government, without hesitwtion the government would surely grant them what they need.
    Definately, we need to stand to disagree with the cruel rule by the so-called politicians!!!!


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