Bubble Bursts For Man Who Impregnated 17-Year Old Daughter Thrice

policeFor having carnal knowledge of his 17 year old daughter simply identified as Favour and impregnating her thrice, 37-year old Augustine Obodeke has been arrested by the Edo State Police Command.

The final straw that broke the proverbial Camel’s back came for Obodeke when his daughter became pregnant the third time and was unwilling to go for abortion; a development which reportedly led the girl to cry out to neighbours, who then reported the matter to the Ugbowo Police Station in Benin City.

Following the report, the police promptly arrested Obodeke and he is currently cooling his heels in detention.

Recounting her ordeal, Favour said her father started having carnal knowledge of her shortly after the death of her mother.


“He first impregnated me and we went for abortion. My father impregnated me the second time and I went for another abortion. He had arranged a doctor at Uselu who has been doing the abortion.

“My father impregnated me the third time and told me that we should go for another abortion but I ran out of the house. He then threatened to deal with me if I told anybody what has been happening between us.

“I have to cry out early in the morning which prompted our neighbours to intervene. Since my mother was late, anytime my father requested for sex, I felt I had no choice than to allow him have sex with me”, Favour explained.

In his own account, Obodeke affirmed that he had been sleeping with his teenage daughter and had impregnated her three times but lamented nobody ever told him it was an abominable act. He also attributed his action to the death of his wife and his inability to remarry.

“It is true that I have been having sex with my own daughter. When she became pregnant the first time, I took her to one of my doctors at Uselu Quarters who terminated the pregnancy. I impregnated her the second time and I took her to the same doctor who terminated the pregnancy again. It was when I impregnated her the third time that she refused to follow me to the doctor for the abortion.

“I decided to be having sex with my daughter because my wife is late and I have not remarried. I decided to enjoy my own daughter by having sex with her. I want my daughter to forgive me because I have sinned against her. Nobody told me that what I was doing to my daughter was an abomination. I thought I was enjoying the sex with my daughter”, he said

The Edo State Commissioner of Police, Mr. Foluso Adebanjo, who confirmed the incident, said that Obodeke was arrested on November 22, 2013. He also noted that the doctor who performed the abortions on Favour was still at large but expressed optimism that he would be arrested soon.

He, however, assured that the suspect [Obodeke] would soon be charged to court to face the consequence of his action.


  1. If a man is nt with a woman that is d issue behind it ,if his daughter is nt there he will be raping teenagers around him.Imagine what d world is turning to,may God have mercy on us.

  2. The man is a big foolfor claiming that nobody told him that what he was doing was wrong. What was he trying to say,that he can’t differentiate between right and wrong;a grown man for that matter. He’s using her for some kind of ritual.

  3. u didn’t know it was an abomination but you warned her not to open up. Ignorant into the law is not an excuse, so will face the charges n consequences as well, I pray you will truly change and ask God for forgiveness.

  4. I do not really blame the man. Sometimes, such things happen and one does not know why. I know a man who had to send his daughter to stay with his mother-in-law because she was becoming a woman and he was no longer comfortable with her presence, since he and her mother had parted ways for more than 5 yrs. I believe he made the right decision because he was able to avoid any form of temptation of commiting incest.

    I believe that the man yielded to the temptation because he must have seen some qualities of his daughter that reminds him daily of his late wife. The daughter, on the other hand, consented to her father’s request because she felt pity for him and his lonely state. These reasons however are not enough to justify their actions, but we must remember that no one is above sin. A little lie is as terrible as fornication or adultery or idolatory or murder or drunkeness, etc. Only God Almighty is perfect.

  5. This man is a lier! he said dat no 1 tell him dat wat he was doin is not gud, pls ask him did he tell pple dat he want 2 sleep wit hes daughter? If hes tryng 2 justfy his self y did he tell d daughte not 2 tell anybody. Yeye man, police sopose 2 remuve 1 of his testicle.

  6. That man committed an abominable sin… But in a country like Nigeria if that man is finally sent behind the bars who is gonna take care of the girl and her siblings since they have lost their mum. Does the govt of ngr really care? ….

  7. Government should help on a pride price so that it cn be easy to afford so that marriage nd remarry ll nt be difficult i pity for the man but our sin is wort than this dnt pretend to be a saint/ preacher chek urslf

  8. This man should cover his face in shame instead of saying nobody told him he was doing a wrong thing. In that case, he should not have taken the daughter for the abortions. He should have allowed her to give birth to the children and invite neighbours for their naming ceremonies Then, this excuse will be very delightful to our hearing.


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