Catholics Battle Chris Okotie Over Comment PLUS You’ll Not Believe His Reaction & His Reasons

This is a ‘complicated’ season for popular Lagos Pastor, Rev. Chris Okotie, even as he prepares to honour the first female one-star General in the Nigerian Airforce, Air Commodore Habiba Garba.


She is the winner of  Okotie’s  Household of God Church’s  Karis Award for the year and she will be honoured on Sunday at the Church in Lagos.

Damning widespread criticisms continue to hit a statement credited to the controversial preacher and televangelist,  declaring that all “Catholics will go to hell.” Indeed, this seems to be threatening to take the shine of the annual Karis Award.

The event is a brain child of Okotie  who established it to  honour Nigerians who have excelled in various fields, but who may not have been recognised by the larger society.

The pastor is alleged to have made the remarks while delivering a sermon last Sunday. The controversial statement partly goes thus, “The Catholic church is a counterfeit church set up by Satan. Catholics bow to idols and crucify Jesus every Sunday when they eat bread claiming they are eating Jesus’ body.”

Okotie tried to justify his claims by adding that his statements are “not out of disrespect but out of respect for the word of God.”

Apart from the fact that he has not debunked the claim, a post on his Facebook account on Tuesday afternoon reinforces the argument.  It simply read, “Re- Catholicism: Truth is bitter. It lacks saccharine delights.”

The statement has further led to more outrage by his Facebook fans and other aggrieved persons, just as his Facebook  page has been besieged by angry Nigerians who have failed to see reasons with him.

Not surprising, most of the comments have been uncomplimentary as the Man of God has been tagged with unprintable names. The ensuing controversy has also pitched Okotie and Catholic faithful against one another on Twitter and Facebook.

A group called Nigerians Catholics on Facebook have issued a statement to this effect. The body claimed that Okotie was simply seeking cheap publicity in its statement.

The administrator of the page wrote, “The unguarded utterances of Chris Okotie to fellow Christians who chose to practise their dogma in their own way shows how irresponsible and ill-mannered he is.

“Antagonising another church with a different principle of worshiping,  but with no difference in faith professed, portrays Christ Okotie in bad light and casts negative shadows on his purported ministry in Christendom.

“Chris Okotie should know that if over 1 billion Catholics will go to hell because of the way they worship their God, he too is not exempted.

“I want to state clearly to Chris Okotie that over 1 billion Catholics going to hell will only happen in the figment of his imagination.

“In fact, if I am to use what is written in the Bible concerning marriage and divorce to humanly judge Chris Okotie, then he is already number one candidate of hell.”

On his part, Kingsley Williams wrote, “ l think we all need to pray for Pastor Chris; honestly, before it gets out of hand.”

Ifeoma  Goodluck, only offered prayers for the Catholic church, as she also posted, “No weapon formed against Catholic Church shall prosper, In Jesus name. Amen.’’

However, some people came to the defence of the controversial pastor, with one of them being Wilfa Wilfred, who simply said, “Please,  insulting Chris and calling him names shows a lack of faith by baby Christians. Just pray to God to forgive him. I am not a catholic but it is only God that knows his true worshipers.”

Just like Wilfred, a certain Peter Edaile also stated on Facebook, “It also lacks sugar and honey delights but contains salt.”

Enough on the controversial statements, anyway.

Mixed reactions have also greeted what many members of the the public termed a decision to hold a beauty pageant in the church this Sunday. But the church has since taken to its official Facebook to explain the concept behind what is perceived to be a beauty pageant.

It explained that the competition tagged Queen Esther pageant competition is geared towards selecting an ambassador for the church.

“The evening usually features the parade and display of beautiful women in costumes inspired by popular female bible characters. The contestant with the most creative costume is then crowned as the Queen Esther and gets a cash prize of one million naira,” the post read.


  • Jesus said “true worshippers will worship the Father in Truth and in Spirit” not in doctrine, dogma or denomination. They man judged Catholics and we all know what Jesus said about judging but why are Catholics angry can Chris determine eternity for anyone?

  • I doubt that Christ has yet come to judge the world; he has only come once, and that, in order that man might know and partake in his saving grace. As for the pageant, each denomination to its doctrine, but why the monetary attachment? I’m curious about how that draws man closer to God. It’s like bringing a comedian to a church auditorium; what does laughter add to Scripture? But I digress; I withhold judgement.

  • May almighty creator forgive who ever said all Catholics will go to hell.Am proud to be a ROMAN CATHOLIC,because I believe in the holy spirit,the holy catholic church the communion of the saint’s and forgiveness of the sins.may God deliver who ever go astray, AMEN. For God and for youth,through Christ.

  • Am catholic but not a Roman catholic, and i pray for all catholics to go to heaven, God will enlighten d eyes of our understanding dat we may kno d hope of his callings. Amen.
    The visa to heaven is Jesus not denomination of churches.
    Christians all over the world should follow Jesus and not church, becoz He is d only way and d only truth and the only life..No one cometh to heaven expect through Him.

  • to me i see him as an entertainer not a man of God cos he is using d name of God 4 his own intrest, dat a pastor will be intrested on earthly leadership and orgernising a beauty pagent in d house of God, given birth out of wedlock and he calls himself a true man of God.wats d diff b/w him and d likes of tuface(2face) and d rest of dem….dey use 2 say dat men of God are called but 2 me i dont knw who called him

  • Pastor Chris Okotie is a drowning man,people should please beware.His house on a shallow land without foundation,and without when the rain shall fall.

  • Chris Okotie d self aclaimed pastor is a monumental disgrace to christiandom. Y?u r a self aclaimd costudian of bible yet u flaw d lawz therein…do not judge so dat u wil nt b judgd…infact ur position in eternity is very conspicous dat i nid nt to tell u. Netheless, i wisper viz 2u…repent n Amend ur wayz 4all these ur flamboyant lifestyle will take u 2a destination God will reveal 2u on judgement day..he who get ear let him hear!

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  • he has made his statement, let God judge him. Jesus said ‘i am the way, the truth and the light’ who ever must worship me, must worship me in spirit and in truth, doctrines are man made. what the bible says is- keep my law on your heart and meditate daily on my commandments. do what the bible says and not what pastors say, pray the holy spirit give you understanding of the word, worship God and not church.

  • Let he who thinket he stands take heed lest he falls. Pastor chris dont be lyk d pharisee n d tax collector Jesus spoke abtin luke18:9-13. If u av ur bible read n ask 4 mercy. Our God is a mercifl God. He says he wil show mercy on whom he wishes n also show compassion on any1 he choses, think abt urself.

  • If Chris knows what it takes to train Catholics Priest, he will not be making such unguarded statement. Chris woke up one day to transform from pop musician to a Pastor just like that. Let him remove the LOGS in his EYES first. May God have mercy on him.

  • how can a man of God voice such thing from his mouth? With all this we dont need any other person to tell us that Okotie is a fake pastor, lst time he said that God told him that he will be rule this country, till now we hv not seen that, letter he said that TB joshua is an agent of setan. My good people of nigeria lets be cociouse of that man plz……………… on the last day plz anywhere u see him going please turn back that place is hell faire.

  • Pastor Chris okotie must lean to mind his own business, we all are on earth worshiping what we beleave so is not in our right to gorge any religion on who is doing it right or not.

  • as a man of God, you should focus on telling people what to do right for heaven race instead of judging people. i want to you to know that theres nothing you can do that will affect catholics cos the rock on which the church is build cannot b smashed. nt by u nor by anybody. mayb u can try again.

  • The church is a holy and spiritual place. If u want a church ambassador, prayerfully select one. Not a beauty pageant stuff.

  • His comments are very true but not all Cos not all are following and practising idolatry blindly… Catholics are do godly and religious in worship

  • I cnt bliv an acclaimed man of God shld alter such a statement, i wonder if he reads his bible spiritually! I see dat de devil is usin him to lure christians into commitin sin we catholic shld watch out nd remember dat we r a ppl of faith let God alone judge him.

  • Chris Okotie is a serial liar, divorcee, deceit and slanderer. He lied against God in 1999 elections wherein he claimed God had assured him of winning and becoming the president of Nigeria. What good can come from a man who ‘fries’ his hair and slanders?
    This randy pastor owes catholics an unreserved apology as well as God., otherwise, his candidature of hell is confirmed.

  • I just cannot stop wondering if this man, Chris Okotie ever sits 2 study the holy bible carefully. Is it not written that Jesus Christ, on the night before He died, took bread and wine, blessed them and stated that they represented His body and blood respectively and that they were symbolic of His new and everlasting covenant? Didn’t He order that this should be done in His memory? This is one of the few very important aspects of Christian worship often neglected by many christian denominations. Moreover, are we all one as Jesus had earnestly requested of His father, God the almighty? Imagine the war of words this conflagrating statement uttered by a ‘Man of God’ has caused amongst brethrens. Pls let us all take the word of God to this man and his church. Above all prayers. Let’s pray that the Almighty will truly visit him and rescue his followers.

  • I don’t know why Nigerians are giving themselves log ahead for a man who claim to be a preacher of the word of God slanders other denomination. This is a man who claim he is a pastor today and tomorrow he change to be a politician and next a beauty pageant may be the next the so called Rev. Chris Okotie who was once a musician may stand up and organized a night club in the house of God that is his church. I strongly advice him Okotie to visit a psychiatric hospital to know what is problems are. Shalom to dear catholic brethren.

  • Nevertheless the solid foundation of God stands, having this seal: “The Lord knows those who are His,” and, “Let everyone who names the name of Christ depart from iniquity.” (II Timothy 2:19 NKJV)

  • If you were that perfect okotie you would have won elections and become the president of this country, but no one is perfect not even you.

    How many marraiges have you been able to keep, perfect man !

  • Apostle used the those moulded objects to lure some Romans into the church, only to teach them that the idols they claim to be their God are also in the church, making them to understand its lifeless and of no value. But the Roman could not get the message clearly, thus making them their own God. There remaineth no more sacrifice or Rituals that could be bigger than the blood of the land. Again, thou shall not bow down to any image except the Almighty. Its obvious tha no one can get to the father except through Christ. All these things littered in roman Catholic church are they for rememberance or what

  • The same God who ask Moses not to make any image in any form, also told Him to make an Image Serpent that who so ever looked at it will, be saved. God who said don’t also said do. let us get the message, he is not telling us not to makes, but that we should not worshiped them in place of God.

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