Chase Corrupt Leaders Away, Stone Them – Amaechi


Rivers State Governor Chibuike Ameachi has charged Nigerian youths to chase corrupt leaders out of office, as a way of preventing them from bringing down the country.

Speaking at the 8th edition of the Futures Award Africa, organsied by the Futures Project in Port Harcourt, where 16 enterprising young Africans won awards in different categories, Amaechi said: “The reason why political office holders continue to embezzle resources meant for the development of the people is because when they embezzle resources nothing is done to them.

“The only way you can stop corrupt officers from bringing down Nigeria is to stone them and chase them out of office.

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“The office of political officer holders in Nigeria is so comfortable that leaders don’t want to leave office without accumulating as much wealth as they can to maintain their newly acquired expensive lifestyle after office.

“But unfortunately the funds embezzled and resources mismanaged are for the citizens of Nigeria and not for a selected few political office holders.

“Chasing corrupt leaders away from office means that we are close to a revolution. Ironically the attitude of the youth to corrupt leaders says embezzle all that you can, so that when it gets to our turn we will embezzle ours,” Amaechi said.


  1. The 1 who said that d youth should chase n stone them will be d 1st to say “arrest them all, they re d hoodlums disturbin d peace ce of d state”

  2. This is a good advise to Nigerians particularly the youths who have just overcome six months no school stay at home.This people has no regard for the development of NIGERIA all they do is to consolidate to power and enrich their pockets.Nigerians,let’s rise up to this challenge.


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