China Buys $73.6 Million Worth Of British Pig Semen


China and Britain have reportedly sealed a trade deal that would export $73.6 million worth of British pig semen in an effort to satisfy growing Chinese demand for high-quality pork, according to CNBC.

Although China consumes more swine and has more pigs than any other nation, the country’s stock is of poor quality. Enter British hogs, whose semen will help produce a fitter, healthier, more productive breed of the other white meat.

Four artificial insemination plants are set to start pumping out massive loads of pig semen next year. The agreement allows for either fresh or frozen semen to be shipped to China depending on demand.

The two countries are also discussing an agreement in which Britain would export pigs’ feet to China.

For some reason, the British public isn’t big on eating pigs’ feet, which are considered a delicacy in other parts of the world.


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