Corruption: Public Office Holders’ll Continue To Loot The Treasury Until Nigerians Decide Enough Is Enough – Amaechi

AmaechiGovernor Chibuike Amaechi of Rivers State on Saturday blamed Nigerians for the level of corruption in the country, saying that political office holders loot the treasury because they have not been stoned by the masses.

Amaechi, who is known for making comments that portray the average Nigerian as full of empty threats even in the face of provocation from the political class, made the disclosure in Lagos at an event organised to pay tribute to the late South African president, Dr. Nelson Mandela, who passed on last Thursday at the age of 95.

Challenging Nigerians to hold their leaders accountable, Amaechi said, “If you see a thief and you allow him to be stealing, what have you done? You have stoned nobody; that is why we are stealing. Who have you stoned? They came out and started dancing oil subsidy, oil subsidy. They told you that they stole N2.3trn, what did you do?

“Instead you are protesting ‘bring more oil subsidy’; the oil subsidy that is not reaching the poor. A few individuals are going away with the money and you have done nothing. You are mourning Madiba, who lived up to 95, and he was very angry with Nigeria when he died.

“You’ve heard that $50bn is missing and you have done nothing about it. In some countries people will go on the street until they return that money. It is N8trn, it can change Nigeria.

“Me I want to steal only $1bn, let them bring it. You read Obasanjo’s letter and you are asking why is he writing the letter, is he a South-South man? In fact, when he was there what did he do? You, what have you done? If you don’t take your destiny in your hands, we will go and other leaders will come and continue stealing”, Amaechi stressed.

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