Couples Divorce in Kuwait Mostly Because of Bad Manners and Toothpaste Squeezing


A Kuwaiti woman filed for divorce from her husband, citing the “shocking sight” of him using bread to eat his peas, court record state.

the Kuwaiti daily al-Qabas said the court heard the woman was disgusted by the “shocking sight” of her husband using his bread instead of a fork to eat his peas and decided his poor table manners were grounds for divorce, Gulf News reported Monday.

Al-Qabas said the filing followed another divorce where the woman told the court her husband insisted on squeezing the toothpaste out from the middle of the tube.

“We are always arguing,” she was quoted as saying. “I keep telling him that he should squeeze in the end of the tube, but he stubbornly refuses and keeps squeezing it in the middle. He is so obstinate.”

Another recent divorce involved a man deciding to end his marriage when his wife refused to bring him a glass of water, saying it was a job for their domestic helper.

A Kuwaiti legal expert told al-Qabas divorces in the country often result from couples being unable to accept one another’s habits. The expert said couple’s should take time to get to know one another prior to their marriages so they avoid unpleasant surprises later that could lead to divorce.