Criticsm Of Jonathan In The Media Should Stop, Maku Tells Journalists


The Minister of Information, Mr. Labaran Maku, has cautioned members of the media against entertaining insulting remarks against the person of President Goodluck Jonathan, which he said is being fuelled by members of the opposition parties as a result of the 2015 presidential election.

Giving the advice yesterday in Abuja at the Nigerian Pilot and Newsworld third annual lecture and award ceremony, Maku noted that such criticisms were not constructive enough to challenge the development strides the current administration had made.

He also lashed back at the opposition parties for their constant and scathing criticisms of the Jonathan’s administration, personality and policies, noting however, that the president has developed thick skin to criticisms.

The minister said those in the opposition are “being sentimental about their criticisms and their comments are fuelled by their ambition to wrestle power in 2015.”

He said the president had “developed thick skin against such criticisms,” and advised politicians to thread with carefully with their choice of words and actions, which he warned “could destabilise democratic structures already in place.”

“If you look through our media reports, we see insults and abuses, everyday. If somebody did not abuse Mr. President, it will look as if there is no journalism on that day.

“We are talking about our country, our nation’s institutions and democracy, we are taking about setting standards for this democracy, standards of behaviours, standards of conducts and standards of principles of behaviour and every democracy must be parliamentary.

“We should not go personal, but we are going too personal. The media is supposed to be a mirror but sometimes if the mirror is broken, it can give a false image. We must not destroy the mirror and present the image as ugly.

“The mirror is very important in conveying the good image of our people. We have completely ignored issues on ground and we are embarking on personality debates,” Maku said.

According to him: “The way we sensationalise the development of this nation in public debates, is annoying and it is not supposed to be so. I am a journalist and I am big time journalist.

“But there is a difference between reporting events and articulating a position because the media is supposed to articulate public debate. When the media embarks on abuse and insults, the people will be confused, that is not the purpose.

“I think the liberty which we are now taking for granted should not be so. The liberty you are enjoying today is because you have a president that believes in the rule of law,” he noted.


  1. Tell your principal to be honest and sincere in his dealings. A leader must be prepared to be praised or insulted depending on his inclination. His attitude will affect the destiny of Nigerians. Therefore, we don’t insult him because we want to insult him for the sake of it. We do so in anger to respond to his misrule, unfairness, injustice, hatred against a section of the country to which he is under oath to protect, promoting religious bigotry and supervising large scale corruption that is unprecedented in the history of Nigeria. He exhibited no plan to achieve anything positive for the country. He has an opportunity to be Mandela of Nigeria, is not late. Otherwise he shall read his script. You will be ashamed of yourself if you side this your president, your conscious will ring this you one day.