Did Rihanna Really Visit Chris Brown in Rehab?!?

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Na wa oooo, Rihanna might have just woken a sleeping lion.

After her and former lover and beater, Chris Brown parted ways for good, we all thought that would be the last of their drama. Well, somebody lied

According to MediaTakeOut, Rihanna recently visited her troubled ex Chris Brown in rehab.

“Well, you knew they couldn’t stay apart forever. MediaTakeOut.com learned that yesterday Rihanna visited Chris Brown at his anger management clinic – outside Los Angeles. We even got a pic of Rihanna trying to run away from our tipster.” MTO reports.

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  • Well, I for one hope that Rihanna really did visit Chris. Things have been pretty boring in the media without some gossip about Rihanna and Chris together. One thing for certain, that pic above is certainly without a doubt not that Karrueche Midget as any Idiot can see. First, Rihanna is lighter skin than the Karrueche girl and the Karrueche girl does not have a shaved head on the side. Maybe that pix is a relative of Chris visiting, but that big forehead certainly looks like Rihanna’s forehead.

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