Eedris Abdulkareem: “Obasanjo Is Selfish, A Fraud And Evil”

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I thought these two have squashed their beef, LOL. Apparently not.

The veteran singer and rapper went on his Twitter page to attack the 2-time leader of the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

See tweets below: –

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  1. On anything we wanna do for this country, it should be for the good of it. If all of us would personally work on ourselves for a positive change, then Nigeria would be as great as we wish. Let us stop the blame and accusation and start fixing our lapses. God bless Nigeria

  2. Nigeria is in our hands!

    Idris or whatever you think you are, I think and believe deeply down my heart that your tweets are bourne out of selfish interest… You want GEJ’s recognition abi? Your mates and younger artistes are releasing new singles and also promoting Nigeria the ways they can but you, a mediocre of the highest order, starts yacking nonsense about OBJ’s letter to GEJ? Most of us know OBJ is not worth writing that letter but still, the letter is to be a wake up call to our dear self-professed ‘active’ President, HE, GEJ.

    Idris, SHARAP and try make sensible music (that is if you can o) not ‘corporately’ begging GEJ for recognition/money!!!!

  3. +Nicklaus,thank you for lashing and lambasting moronic psycophant artist(Eedris)or what the heck he called himself,as u’ve stated in ur article dat his looking for’GEJ Recognition’, not funy that he did the same while Baba was on the throne when he released song titled’Nigeria JagaJaga’, inorder to create attention from govt officials which was eventually got by honored him with award then. Realistically it shows that he is a ‘Bogus Artist’ depending on politics to cater for his daily lives. Runts and chumps man!

  4. Edris Abdulkareemas an artiste,I xpect you to preach a good gospel for people to emulate. Though I dnt xpect you to act like a coward afte goin on exile due to ur then song credited Obasanjo but u should rather implore GEJ to act instead of refering to wat might Leed you to mocry Dan fame from GEJ

  5. Eedris pls shut your mouth.we never understood your rap neither have you ever made any meaningful should ty to make sense for oncepls maintain your lane

  6. If an elder who open his nash to the flies should not be angry if they perch on it. Obj in his lousy manner cursed the parents of this young man because he sang and exposed the evils of his government. Let him bear the insult of this guy with pride. Respect is not bought in the market.


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