ENERGY UNPARALLELED by the Unseen Nigeria Project | Telling the Story Of the Nigerian Women Behind the Scenes | You Nominate, We Find Them, The World Celebrates Them

Over the last 100 years, Nigerian women have contributed immeasurably to the nation’s development. While some of them, especially those in the formal sector, have been increasingly visible, others in the informal sector have largely remained unsung heroes in the background.Many of these women have unique stories of their journey to survival and success and these are the stories the Unseen Nigeriaproject team wants to curate and celebrate. From market women to fisher women and farmers, women of the underground economy have contributed to the day-to-day socioeconomic development of Nigeria and have done so under less than stellar circumstances.
Unseen Nigeria - BellaNaija - September 2013 (3)
ENERGY UNPARALLELED seeks to project the unseen Nigerian woman with uncompromisable values who is driving for development, pushing for change, making a difference, breaking and setting records, driving community, leading exemplary lives, raising a voice, setting standards, empowering young minds, maintaining unhampered integrity. celebrating courage, honesty, integrity, accountability, persistence,leadership, resilience, hope and the never-die spirit.
Unseen Nigeria - BellaNaija - September 2013 (1)
If you know a woman in the informal sector who, through her life, work and spirit, is making a difference in their own way, click here to nominate her as one of the 100 women to be celebrated in this project.


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