Foods Substitution That Ensure A Leaner Abdomen

images (10)The following food substitutions will help to make sure that your diet is compatible with cultivating a leaner abdomen.

* Replace fried chicken or fatty meat with protein that contains less fat. Good examples include beans, low fat dairy products, and lean meat. However, do not forget that the way you cook your meat plays a huge role; always broil, grill or bake it instead of frying it.

* Replace refined grains (e.g. white bread and white rice) with their brown, whole grain cousins. Making this switch comes with a huge range of health benefits. Whole grain foods help to keep you feeling fuller for longer, and are linked to improvements in cardiovascular health.

* Replace salt with alternative spices (like chili seasoning, oregano, or even low-sodium salt), and check the salt content of packaged meals. A high sodium intake causes your body to retain larger amounts of water, which is mainly stored around your abdomen. Even if you are slender, this can create the false impression that you have a flabby stomach.


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