From My First Day I Started Preparing To Leave Office, Says Gov. Orji

Theodore OrjiWith less than one and the half years left to the expiration of his tenure, Governor Theodore Orji of Abia State said he had started preparing to leave office.

According to him, that explains why he was setting up some solid projects in the state to serve as the legacies he will be remembered for.

Orji noted that from the first day he became governor, he was conscious of the fact that his tenure would end one day, and started planning his exit from the first day, with a promise to himself to leave behind solid legacies for the people.

Speaking during an end of year interactive session with journalists in the state, Gov. Orji expressed joy that his administration had done well.

He added that his major aim in governance was to touch the life of the people positively, which he has accomplished considerably.

“Our days are drawing near. The first day I came here I started preparing knowing that the tenure will one day end.

“But I promised myself that I will be very much fulfilled to leave positive legacies behind in the state to show my presence. That has been my primary concern.

“We had our initial constraints which every person can have but when we overcame it things turned around for good. We are fighting for the good of every person.

“We are working to touch the life of the people that is what democracy is all about, to touch the people positively.

“It is not easy. Nobody can touch the life of everybody but the life of majority”, Governor Orji said.

On the performance of his administration, the governor gave himself a pass mark but assured that he would not rest on his oars till his tenure finally ended.

“Nobody can say that this government is not performing.  Any person, who writes against the true situation of things on ground you, will defend me because you are here and the projects are real and there for people to see. I have performed so you can defend me”, he said


  1. T.A Orji is a thief he underdeveloped Abia state but looted the state dry. Gov who spends 20 billions naira of public funds on media propaganda every year just to hoodwink the people and silent their voices.
    He needs to be investigated before he leave the office. T.A Orjis is one of the riches governors in Nigeria because he embezzled all the state funds to his private pocket. T.A must be probed if found guilty should be sent back to prison. ACIFED/TAA


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