Gay Man Miraculously Survives Freak Accident… Hopes God Sends Him A Boyfriend


In a freak accident straight out of the “Final Destination” horror movies, an Oregon man was almost decapitated while driving down the highway during rush hour traffic.

Tom Comstock was driving his Nissan X-Terra home when he was rear-ended by the car behind him, sending a load of lumber through Comstock’s back windshield, through the steering wheel, and almost through the front windshield.

“This is where the wood goes whizzing by my head, scrapes my head like that but doesn’t remove my head,” Comstock told reporters.

The accident was an “impossibly lucky” escape from death, with paramedics reportedly telling Comstock that it didn’t seem possible that anyone could walk away from the accident alive.

“Divine intervention is the only thing I can say because my hand shouldn’t be attached, or my head,” Comstock stated in the above video. “I told God that if he saved me from death for this and he doesn’t send me a boyfriend I’m going to call it a party foul” [laughs].

We have our fingers crossed for you, Tom!