Group Faults Obasanjo On Letter To Jonathan

Jonathan and OBJ

A group, Jubilee Democratic Emancipation Group of Nigeria, JUDEG, has warned that the contents of the letter from former President, Chief Olusegun Obasanjo, to President Goodluck Jonathan was capable of disintegrating the country.

Speaking at the end of the year meeting of Gospel Ministers for True Leadership in Benin recently, National Coordinator of the group, Dr. Dele Oluwatade said the letter will either destroy Obasanjo or Jonathan.

He added that Obasanjo had no locus standi and equity to point out problems to a sitting President, since he had most of the problems while in office and did nothing.

“At his age, Chief Obasanjo is supposed to be resting and he is supposed to keep quiet,” Oluwatade said.

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  • Baba just as the sitting pressident called,is among those who made this country what its today,if am to say or advise to him I should tell him to openly confess to this nation how he ruind it and stop pointing fingar to another person.

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