How to Create a Resume With No Job Experience

Lack of experience is the most common problem between young specialists who have already graduated from the university and are looking for a vacancy that can satisfy their ambitions fully or partially. But many employers want to see only qualified professionals in their organization. Is it possible to find a place in the sun for those who just start a career and have no practical knowledge?

The situation in the labour market is very hard and unfortunately a lot of young talented professionals are not able to stand out among the large number of job seekers and are not offered a good post. However, many directors pay attention to the resume of young people and invite for the job interview with the prospect of further employment.

The main task is to ensure that your CV was seen by the employer and was not thrown in the trash. A good resume incites a desire to continue the dialogue with a candidate. However, there is a problem: how to make a right CV if there is no job experience and professional achievements? In such cases your main task is to show your best qualities to the employer and to prove that you will be able to perform tasks even without the practical skills. Remember that resume is to be free of errors and highlight your abilities.

Follow our tips which may help you to reach the goal and find a perspective post:

  1. Fill in the section “Profile»: first name, last name, date of birth, the actual state of residence, e-mail and phone number. Additional knowledge of foreign languages will be a good advantage between other candidates. You may also add photo to your resume, especially if you are looking for acting or modeling jobs. Pay attention to the item “Relocation” because there are situations that the job seeker is offered a job in another city. It is necessary to think over whether you are ready to make such an important step not to cause problems with either the employer or with relatives in the future. Relocation can not only help your career growth, but may also bring unexpected and unpleasant surprises (e.g. a promising post appeared to be uninteresting and inappropriate, living expenses are too high, and not everyone will be able to get used to the rhythm of the life of another city).
  2. The main rule of the section “Preferences» is the correct name of a job title. The more accurate the name of the desired post, the more chances and opportunities you have. The ideal variant is the complete coincidence of the job title with the vacancy. Then specify the specializations, work type and adequate level of salary. Only a small number of the employers really pay high wages, but many of them are ready to spend time and money for training and improvement of professional qualities of young specialists without job experience.
  3. It is not recommended to list several desired posts in one resume. Practically all employers like concreteness and such a list will make the impression on the uncertainty of the candidate. It is better to create a separate resume for each post.
  4. The most important information of any resume is job experience. It is very important to fill the tab correctly for those who are just starting to move up the career ladder. Do not be afraid to point out a little job experience, even if it includes 3-4 months and is not related to the future profession. If you have undergone practical training in any company or organization, indicate this information, because such a CV can be more perspective than other resumes of young professionals.
  5. Specify the level of education, full name of the institution and year of graduation in the next tab.
  6. Many job seekers ignore the tab “Additional Information”. But it is a good possibility to describe in detail your personal qualities, skills and benefits (e.g., knowledge of the Internet and computer programs, a driver’s license). In this section you can add additional training courses in case they are useful to the future job.

You may also gain some job experience before graduation from the university or college: volunteer work, part-time or summer job will provide invaluable favor in the future. Such experience will prove that you are able to manage your time and combine academic and work life effectively.


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