I Did Not Steal Public Funds To Build AUN – Atiku

Atiku Abubakar

Former Vice President Atiku Abubakar has said that the American University of Nigeria AUN in Yola was developed to its present status by his personal resources.

Speaking, weekend, at the 8th annual founder’s day ceremony of the University in Yola, Atiku recalled with nostalgia, the events that preceded the establishments of the University as he paid tribute to the first President of the University, David Huwiler.

“I recalled with deep emotions and tribute to the first President of the American University David Huwiler whom I brought to the virgin land before the university project commenced. When I took Huwiler to the virgin land on which the university stands today he asked me where the university is and I told him here,” Atiku said.

Atiku stated that towards the end of his tenure people start to nurture the thinking that the university project will stop as many thought that he was using his position to steal the money used in building the university.

“Towards the end of my tenure, Huwiler left the University thinking that if I quit office the University project will stop thinking that I use the privileges of my office to steal funds to build the university.

“But it is now glaring that I am not abusing my office to fund the university as it continues to grow years after I left office”, he stated.

Atiku lauded the current President of the University Mergee Ensign whom he said has transformed the university more than any of her predecessors.

“She has transformed the University more than any of her predecessors in the areas of leadership and support. I want you to help me thank her” he stated.

Also speaking at the event, AUN president, Mergee Ensign said apart from imparting knowledge to the students, the university gives back to the host community through conducting peace initiatives, teaching members of the community vocational skills and exchanging ideas for development of research.


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