I Love My Girlfriend But I Easily Get Tired Of Her…How Do I Marry Her?

I’m confused. So I have a faithful, supportive and good lady who by all right is a wife material.


My understanding of love though is quite different from hers. She wants me to always show it in action and words (something I always try to do in my own capacity but it doesn’t seem to be enough for her), she calls me way too much (like every other hour).

She always wants to visit and spend as much time as she has but I always get tired of having her around.

I am a very conservative person and her own personality seems to be a burden on me. I love her but when I think of all the stress, I just feel like quitting.

We are currently not on talking terms and I don’t even miss her.

What can I do?


  1. I think u dnt love her as much as u believe,if u do,u wud sit and tlk thngs out,dats how relationships work,she cud b an introvert “d reason she stalks u”bt trust me if u fall for d wrong grl who wl make u chase her evry nw n then, u may regret ltr cos she probably wudnt love u dat much!make her understnd,dat u need ur space,nd let her get busy wit her life by gettn engaged in wat she loves doin,so she cn stop stalkn u,dat way,u wl get enough tym 2 thnk,bt hey!u jst said u dnt miss her?ask ur slf why dnt i miss her if i love her?ask ur slf,wat do i really wnt?b honest wit dis answers,it wl help u understnd if u love her,or u ar jst infatuated.

  2. Favour i support you. If u truly love someone u’ll dare for more of that person. And want her around as much as she wants u around. True love dey scarce out there. I can conclude from ur post dat ur fiancee is not employed. Get her engaged in something and dat will reduce the disturbance and u’ll be able to appreciate the moment she takes to call you while busy at work

  3. U don’t know what u want,some guys complain that the good girls are hard to get while u have been blessed with a good lady.If u can’t appreciate her personality then quit the r/ship for someone who would appreciate her better. You should ask yourself hw many wife materials are out there anyway it’s ur life but remember the choices u make today will determine your tomorrow.If u don’t miss her while u’re not on talking terms that shows u dnt even love her in d first place.if u marry the wrong person u’ll have urself to blame cos once u’ve lost ur chance,then again follow ur heart,the next person might not love u as much as she does rather she might treat u the same way u treated her. It’s up to you bcos if u lose her someother person out there would be so glad he found her and finally she even hasn’t done anything bad to you rather all she has done is to love u well if that’s a crime allow the good girl to leave for someone who knows what the real definition of love is and who’ll treat her like a queen that she is.


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