I Never Dreamt Of Seeing People In Hell – Pastor Adeboye

pastor Adeboye

General Overseer of the Redeemed Christian Church of God, RCCG, Pastor Enoch Adeboye, yesterday, rubbished stories he had a dream and saw some people in hell, saying he never had such dream.

“There is one that said I had a dream where I saw many of my people weeping because they could not make it to heaven. It is all lie! I did not have any dream and I know that you will all make it to heaven in Jesus name”.

The man of God also debunked the claim that he has a terminal sickness and is soliciting for funds to travel to India for medical treatment, saying the story was the handiwork of impersonators who are out to extort the public.

Adeboye said this at the just concluded 16th Holy Ghost Congress at the Redemption Camp on Lagos-Ibadan Expressway, warning Nigerians to be wary of such dubious people parading themselves in social media purportedly soliciting for funds on his behalf.

“Some people have been impersonating me on Facebook and other social media asking people to donate monies for unidentified orphanages or some sick persons who require urgent medical treatment abroad. Please do not believe them and do not give them money,” Adeboye said.

“Somebody even went to the ridiculous extent of saying that I needed money to go to India for the treatment of an undisclosed ailment. Please do not answer them. As you can see I am not sick. I am hail and hearty. They are liars.”

He also said some others are equally impersonating his wife, pointing out that such persons are not representing him or his wife. According to him, some other fellows are busy sending e-mails to people inviting them to fake programmes purportedly organised by the General Overseer.

“If anybody invites you to any programme anywhere in my name, please confirm from me.”

Adeboye also warned the congregation from listening to stories of people who said they went to hell or heaven and were sent back to warn brethren who are living in sin. He said God does not operate that way, supporting his assertion with the story of the rich man and Lazarus in the Holy Bible.

“There was a woman who said she died and went to heaven where Jesus sent her back to warn people of the world against sin. If you do not know already, when the rich man died and saw Lazarus in the bosom of Abraham, he requested that Father Abraham should send an angel to his relations on earth to warn them to repent and escape hell. He was told that there are enough prophets to accomplish such missions,” Adeboye stressed.

The cleric warned against listening to claims by anyone to have died and returned to preach the gospel. “Please do not listen to them,” he said, adding, “Put your trust in the true Word of God.

“Some years ago, one man claimed to have died and came back and he started preaching that any Christian who acquired a car would go to hell.

“This man produced a CD which he was selling to the people and he made a lot of money from selling the cassettes and CDs. Not long after, he bought a Land Cruiser and when people asked him why he was opting for hell, he replied that he did not buy a car. He bought a Land Cruiser. Be careful, you shall know the truth and the truth shall set you free,” Pastor Adeboye said as the service ended in the early hours of Saturday.


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