I’m Ready, If Any Man Wants to Marry Me –– Actess Collette Orji

Beautiful actress, Collette Orji is learning from the experience of older actresses who are finding it difficult to get a man to marry in their mid and late 30s. She wants to get married now that she’s young so that she wont join those who are now looking for young boys to marry and claim that ‘age is just a number’.

I was told that once a lady’s mind is at rest or she is happy, especially when she’s experiencing love, her looks are transformed. So are you in love?

I will agree with you that love brings true happiness but I am not yet in love. If you are expecting to hear from me that I’ve found love you are joking. (Laughter) For my side I no see love at all. I have so much love to share but I have not seen who to shower my love on. I am a very romantic person so I am still looking for love.

You are not telling me the truth. Are you saying with all this your beauty men are not chasing you?
Sincerely, there is no man in my life presently. You may not believe it but that’s just the truth or do you have someone who is ready to give me genuine love?

We can understand that husbands are scarce but are you also saying that boyfriend are scarce too? I refuse to accept that from a beautiful lady like you. Or is it that you have been so brokenhearted you’ve chosen to stay off men?
Please Nkechi, don’t put words into my mouth. I am not in any relationship right now I’m still looking for love.



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