It Is in APC’s Interests That ASUU Strike Lasts Till 2015 – FG

The Federal Government has criticised the views of the All Progressives Congress (APC) on the ongoing strike by the Academic Staff Union of Universities (ASUU), saying the party members are opportunists who wish the action lingers till 2015 in order for them to capitalize on it to win 2015 election.


FG says it is unfortunate that the APC is not offering any new alternative to Nigerians but rather is busy playing politics with the strike action embarked upon by the union, which has kept students at home for over 5 months.

This has been stated by the Minister of Information, Labaran Maku, in Abuja on December 6, 2013, Friday.

The Minister pointed out that “apart from gang ups and wrestle for power, APC lack focus adding that political rebels from PDP has taken over APC”.

“The APC is now hanging on in this strike, pretending to be supporting the lecturers so that the strike will linger till 2015 so that they capitalize on it to win election. This is very sad. They should offer us alternative policies. An opposition party should be offer new alternative for the nation. APC is now becoming A-PDP-C. Meaning that the rebels in PDP have taken over the party.

“What you now have is the original PDP versus APC-PDP. You can’t say everything is bad in PDP and you allow people from PDP to join your party. So what is the new thing they are offering Nigerians? Not in policy, not in focus,” the Minister of Information stated.

He further added that ASUU went into the strike out of conviction to solve the problem facing the universities, but opportunists want to take advantage of the strike and called on ASUU to call off the strike in the interest of the nation and students.

Source: The Guardian


  1. Impressive about the whole issues, but whatever that might be the case let them resume the strike so that our students and those who want to get admission into universities can do so to avoid our future delay and destinies.

  2. APC is dead on arrival, a party which accused all the politicians in PDP as corrupt now opens her arms to receive PDP members being hunted by EFCC. APC has no better ideology! Na the same people.

  3. Common dont think like information minister.thats what politics is accept anybody into your party..i dont have much to say cos am only passing by.but still i must not pass without detonating a bomb…to mr labaran maku u ar a fool o.must you talk.if you dont know what to say y cant you shut your mouth.brain less man

  4. @GMT You are correct, APC is not the doing Nigeria any good, all they have Propaganda, Nigeria need a party that will come out with what will favor the masses, Apart from Mohammad Burhari,who again in APC, that is not a BETRAYAL,Corrupt and uses Biro to steal people Fund, am very sorry for ROTIMI AMECHI my own view on him is that he is Sick, i will say that any party that will change Nigeria for good will start their primary election by Option A4, with that i will know that the party for good change have come,not them,them Dictators gather together,How do i call APC Dictators? 1,Before they form a party series of meeting,Do you know their Agenda?2, As a Yoruba Man. Igbo Man,Hausa Man i will be the chairman, I will be the presidential candidate,i will be the Vice president, i will be this or that, without thinking if he merits the position, as far as you can bring out more Money than others to help them finance party,Check them in APC you will see them. Part one.


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