John Dumelo in Search of a ‘Mrs’, “The Only Thing Missing is a Mrs” – He Tweets

Isn’t actress Jackie Appiah single again? They will make a great couple…or maybe Yvonne Nelson? What about Yvonne Okoro? Or maybe Jocelyn Dumas? Juliet Ibrahim nko? You have quite a few to choose from Mr Dumelo…there’s no need to be lonely! *smile*



  1. I thought he was married according to the such handsome n every woman dream is not ? .there will be a lot of request so he better choose wisely. Let God guide him through this tough decision.

  2. I understand john situation. when you have too many choices gets you confused its like having a closet full of clothing and here you glance in and say I can’t see what to wear couse you get overwhelmed. So our handsome john is overwhelmed with many chooses. Don’t go by the looks but follow your heart bit and most of all God will show u just listen to Him.

  3. He shouldn’t be so paranoid. He is getting older by the day. I hate it when people who are accomplished think all girls are fake and all about their money.

  4. that is 1 problem most celebrity face when they are not married before they become famous. they always fee insecure by the love shown to them by woman and it not good. not every lady are after guys money

  5. He should take his time to really understand what he really want,and d kind of women he want as a wife,cos all women are not wife material,and for d fact dt now in nollywood they wed today break up tomorrow is what is happening,I guess he is a christian so he should wise up not to make same mistake pls cos I see him as a cool headed guy

  6. just be faithful to anyone u have and dont be a playboy. remove every doubt of if this is real or not. just be urslef, then put everything in God’s hand let Him choose for u. God will help u if u are faithful.

  7. John, you are a very smart and handsome fellow…YOU can tell if anyone is faking their affection for ya…follow your heart!!!!! I wish you all the best my dear.

  8. Marriage is a lifetime journey, its nt sumtin dat can be rushed into. He shud take his tym nd ask God 4 directions cos nt all dat glitter is gold.

  9. if truly John is looking for a wife nd nt a woman,he shuld be very careful so as nt to fall on the wrong hands,allow God to help you,let him lead d way nd you will follow dnt luk at the beauty of the woman or credentials,jus try nd knw d kind of woman she is,her character nd her inner beauty sumone who is fully ready for marriage


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