Lamar Odom Finally Takes Off His Ring


Days after Khloe Kardashian filed the divorce documents that told the world she didn’t want him to be her Lammy anymore, basketball player Lamar Odom has taken off his wedding ring.

Few days ago, Lamar was seen leaving an L.A. nightclub, and he made sure that the waiting cameramen got a good shot of the big silver wedding ring still on his finger.

But no longer. It appears that Lamar has decided to ditch his marital bling for good. Photographers snapped him wearing a black sweatshirt, black workout shorts, and holding a cell phone.however, the silver ring is nowhere in sight.

As for Khloe, she hasn’t been spotted with her ring at all since filing for divorce on December 13. Lamar
was a bit slower to take it off — perhaps trying to send the message that this decision was Khloe’s, not his — but it now seems like he’s ready to ditch the bling and make a public statement that he’s ready to move on.

Now that Khloe and Lamar have put the past behind them, it sounds like both will be moving on to a new chapter in 2014. Here’s to the new year!


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