Lamb Walks Like a HUMAN on Its Back Limbs After Being Born Without Front Legs


A lamb born without front legs has learned to walk like a HUMAN on its back limbs.

The lamb, born in August in Liucheng village in Zhoukou city, part of central China’s Henan province, was one of a litter of four.

Original owner Lin Zhao was amazed to see the disabled animal’s incredible solution to its predicament.

“I am in my 60s, but it’s the first time that I have seen such a lamb. I thought it would die sooner or later, so I just kept it to see when it dies,” said Lin.

“However, it surprised me one month later when the lamb began to learn to walk on its back legs.”

The lamb’s exploits were famous in that area of China and inspired student Xiu Wang, 31, to buy her for the equivalent of £450.

Xiu, who had to abandon his studies at a top university in Anhui province after he was diagnosed with lymph gland cancer, had been inspired by the lamb.

“l look like I am positive and optimistic, but actually I always feel depressed when I’m alone,” said Xiu.

“But when I saw this little creature and the hand that life had dealt it I knew that I must stop feeling sorry for myself. That is why I bought him, took him home and now he is my companion.

“I feel for the lamb, we are so much alike.”

Xiu said he will tell the story of the lamb to other cancer patients.

“I believe it’s the best cure for us,” he said.



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