Learn How to Give Gifts this Christmas Season

Christmas giftsYes, the Christmas season, the gift giving month of December!

As casual as it may seem, presenting someone with a gift does tell how you really feel about the person, be it your love, your soul mate, your parent or even children. What are some of these gift giving etiquettes?

The message or the content encapsulated in the gift is what counts to some extent. For a lover, you may decide to insert a photo of the two of you in the gift box. On the photo, you may write some of your favorite jokes or a teaser that you know he/she will fall for. Why not write some moments you had together that were special to both of you? Another example, if the gift is for your parents, a moment like their marriage anniversary would be appropriate.

With the swamping of overstock unwanted gifts on Ebay after Christmas the “elusive” perfect gift may not be out there. You can reduce the unwanted present by thinking a little about the recipient. Take a little girl for example, giving her a Play Station may be inappropriate, but presenting her with a life size doll may do the trick (without meaning to sound stereo typical). This means we have to be conscious of what the receiver is interested in. In short, the gift should have some meaning to the receiver. Whilst presenting a gift, it is advisable to make it a surprise other than a casual thing. This will overwhelm your target and indeed they will be grateful for that.

More important is to have the knowledge that gifts are a form of interaction, rather than communication which tells the masses what you really think or feel about the receiver. Something that has just been made without reasoning simply shows…”Whatever” attitude. Having seen how to encode the gift and how to decide the perfect gift, presentation is the final and crucial step. You may have the best gift for the target audience but your mode of presentation is what decides the attitude that the receiver will have towards you. Timing is everything.

Logically speaking, you may not just give someone a gift haphazardly. Selecting a perfect time such as during meals would be appropriate. What if you are at a Christmas party for that matter and the host is too busy with everyone? Do not just go and drop the gift in front of him/her. Wait until your time to interact with the host comes, be it greeting each other or when the host introduces you to other people. That is when you should present the gift. Other gifts like farewell gifts are best presented during the last encounter with the person, like when they take off at the airport.

Thus that is how you ought to gear yourself up when it comes to gift etiquette.


Lola Alli
Author of Nurturing Progressive Achievers


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