Man Fined For Keeping Murder-Suicide Secret When Selling House

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A judge has ordered a homeowner to fork over $313,000 for selling his house without telling the buyers the previous owners had died in a murder-suicide.

Jean-Guy Mercier was forced to refund the $275,000 purchase price, plus $38,000 in damages.

In October 2012, a young couple thought they had bought their dream home in north-end Quebec City until they met a neighbour.

It was then that they found out what had happened in the basement in August 2010.

Gilles Nadeau, 66, smothered his disabled wife Jeanine Proteau, 76, before hanging himself.

The new buyers were horrified and sued Mercier.

“We didn’t sleep a single night in the house,” one of the owners told QMI Agency.

The young couple accused Mercier of selling the home in “bad faith” and a Superior Court judge agreed.

The spooked couple is happy to have won the lawsuit, but they’re not out of the woods yet.

“We still own the house,” the litigant said.


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