Man Paid £200 for Newspaper Ad to Trace “Beautiful Blonde” He Fell For in a Bar

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A besotted man has paid £200 for a newspaper ad to try to trace the “beautiful blonde” he fell for in a bar.

Nick, 37, said she gave him a cheeky look as she left and regrets not talking to her.

In the ad “Missed Connection”, he wrote: “Are you about 5ft 5in blonde, with a beautiful smile – drinking with another taller female friend and about six guys (from work by looks of it)?

“You looked at me (6ft 2in, fair haired, blue shirt) as you left. Please get in touch – you looked lovely.

“I am not crazy   just a hopeless romantic.”

Nick, who did not want to give his surname, said he saw the girl at All Bar One in Brighton, East Sussex, on December 13 at 10.30pm.

He added: “I asked her to email me and I’ve not heard from her yet. But she didn’t have a ring on her left hand, so fingers crossed!

“She was stunning. She had a beautiful smile and we exchanged a few cheeky looks from across the bar.

“The reason I didn’t go over and chat to her was because she was in quite a large party and I thought it would have been inappropriate.

“She was with a female friend and about six guys, it looked like she was on a Christmas work do.

“Under different circumstances it could have been a lot different and I would have loved to have gone over to her for a chat.”

Nick, who loves sailing and surfing, was in All Bar One on 10.30pm on Friday, December 13.