Mariah Carey: I’m not having any more kids (unless Nick Cannon can get pregnant)


Mother of two Mariah Carey says she’s done having kids and if her husband Nick Cannon wants more children, he will have to get pregnant and have the babies himself.

During an appearance on Watch What Happens Live, the 44 year old singer was asked by a fan caller whether or not she and Nick were planning to have more children…

“If Nick could have the babies himself, then yeah, bring ’em on. We love kids,” Mariah answered. “Here’s the thing: This is real. I’m responsible for the kids for like forever. I look at it like, they didn’t ask for this lifestyle but here they are.”

“To anyone who has ever carried twins, it is a totally different experience…You don’t even know who you are. I had a very difficult pregnancy, but I was alone most of the time. We love Nick, but he’s working. He’s the hardest-working man in show business.”

Source: LIB


  1. biiiiiig mistake. you should hav kept your mouth shut. other women will now be falling over themselves just to have babies for nick. happened when aniston said she wont bear babies for brad pitt. what happened next? angelina jolie volunteed and gave him many babies. and jolie is waaaaay hotter than carey sef. she don cause whala for her self with this revelation. she for just shut her pretty mouth.


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