Markets Shut Down As Ondo Mourns Deji Of Akure’s Death

Deji of Akure, Oba Adebiyi Adesida

Markets close to the palace of the deceased Deji of Akure, Oba Adebiyi Adesida, have been shut in honour of the king who died in the early hours of Sunday.

Sources say the markets will remain shut until another Deji is installed. The source however did not say if the closure was only to honour the king or if it was tradition.

Speaking further, the source who expressed concern over how hard not selling their wares at this Christmas season would be on traders asked if they would open for business at Christmas. The traders said even if a king does not emerge until after Christmas, the markets would remain shut.

After the death or removal of an Oba, a princess regent is appointed, who is expected to oversee the day-to-day administration of the kingdom while the kingmakers select the next Oba from one of the royal houses.

The source who is close to one of the ruling houses in Akure did not say if it was within a regent’s powers to open such markets if the crowning of a new king lingers longer than usual. There was no Deji between 1999-2005, and Akure was ruled by a regent.

Oluwadare Adesina Adepoju, Osupa III became the king of Akure in 2010, four years after the regent’s rule began. He was however dethroned in 2010 for alleged assault on wife, and Adebiyi Adegboye Adesida Afunbiowo II ascended the throne in his stead.


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