MEET Nigeria’s Hairiest Woman

Her name is Queen Okafor and she resides in Lagos. Before now little or nothing was heard of Queen. But Queen decided to speak to a National Newspaper, not to ask Nigerians for help, but alert NGO’s to come to the aid of people with rare disabilities as hers. According to Queen, people look at her embarrassingly whenever she steps out. She said she lived a normal live until she was 21 when hair started growing all over her body. According to Queen who is now 26, she inherited this from her mother. Once you get to 21 to 23 years in my family, you start experiencing hair growth, she said. I want people to treat me like a normal human being and I will also love to appear in movies, Queen said. She also said she is in a relationship at the moment, and believes she will get married and have kids at the right time. See other pictures of Queen








  1. You are Specially made by God so be proud the way you are. There is a special grace attached to how God created everyone. Proud of you sister

  2. Queeny baby! u need not to panic… i av a friend like u called Blessing.. i love her with passion cos of her natural uniqueness…
    i will like to meet u too.
    i infoniger could link me to u. 08082683137

  3. This might be consequences of hormonal imbalance.
    She might get it corrected medically.
    The good thing is that the lady is happy about her situation, however I believe it should be corrected.

  4. Does hair now become something stranger? Mtcheeew my dear that’s nature I don’t care if I have up to that, but I have bears and am happy is natural jare.

  5. Shocked at what I saw here. I have not seen anything like this before. It is nothing your fault. You can’t blame yourself for how you or anybody looks. God made us uniquely according to his will and for his glory. So, don’t feel bad and don’t hide. Be bold because you are specially unique… are not common.


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