More 2014 Predictions: Aregbesola Risks Being Kidnapped, No Second Term For Jonathan – Primate Olabayo


As Nigerians prepare to usher in the year 2014 in two days’ time, the founder of the Evangelical Church of Yahweh, Primate Theophilus Olabayo, as part of his predictions for the New Year, has warned that Osun State governor, Ogbeni Rauf Aregbesola risks being kidnapped.

Olabayo made this known at his church headquarters in Lagos Suday, just as he added that aside risking being kidnapped, the governor could also be killed by his abductors.

According to him, “Governor Rauf Aregbesola of Osun State has to be watchful so that they will not kidnap and kill him in the New Year. He has to be very careful so that he can survive the year”.

Speaking further, the cleric stated that President Goodluck Jonathan’s administration would not extend beyond 2015, even as he warned that the 2015 general elections might not hold.

He added that the North would also have the opportunity to produce the next president.

“Come 2015, they will not allow President Jonathan to rule because power is going back to the North, if at all there would be elections.

“We have to pray as a people so that there will be election in 2015. If the situation gets worse, there may not be election in 2015”, he stressed.

Moving away from the political scene, Olabayo revealed that some of the old traditional rulers in the country would die. “In the New Year, some of the old traditional rulers will go because they will meet their ancestors”, he said.

In this interview culled from Sunday Tribune, Primate Theophilus Olabayo reveals his predictions for 2014 to the nation.

In the New Year, some of the old monarchs would go because they would meet their ancestors. Alhaji Usman Shehu Shagari should pray so that he can survive the New Year. Also the year will witness one of the greatest floods of our time and there will be mass killings, accidents both on the road and in the air. 2014 is a year that we need to be very prayerful because there is going to be epidemics all over the country, while there will be famine as the prices of food items would go up beyond the reach of the poor.
Governors of APC states have to be vigilant as attempts would be made to make these states, especially in the South-West ungovernable and all efforts would be made to take over Osun, Ondo, Oyo, Ogun, Edo and Ekiti states.
Governor Rauf Aregbesola of Osun State has to be watchful so that they will not kidnap and kill him in the New Year. He has to be very careful so that he can survive the year.

What are the things to expect in 2014?
God told me that things can be only be better if our leaders would change their system of governance. But what the politicians have failed to understand is that members of the Nigeria Armed Forces cannot fight on the side of these politicians. However, we have to pray as a people so that there will be election in 2015. If the situation gets worse, there may not be election in 2015.

What should the country do to have free, fair election in 2015?
We must put things right. Before the recent governorship election in Anambra State, I predicted that APGA would win the election and that they would try to rig it in favour of another party. Similarly in 2014, they will like to take over the South-West geopolitical zone but it will not be possible. They will create troubles upon troubles. There is so much arms and ammunition piled up in the country because we are inviting trouble for ourselves. And, ironically, what is happening in the general public is happening in the religious houses as well, because the church itself is corrupt.

Do you also foresee a successful convocation of a national conference?
Political leaders of the country may like to use the conference to manipulate this country. Though I have predicted all these things in the past but the chairman has to be watchful so that he will be able to succeed where others have failed in the past. But God told me that they will make things difficult for him and it shall stall their elections. If the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) tries to rig the election in its favour in the nearest future, the country would be thrown into crisis of monumental dimension.

What will be your advice to President Jonathan so as to avert the crisis?
Well, who am I to advise him? Did he take Obasanjo’s advice? And Vice-President Namadi Sambo has to be watchful in the New Year so that they will not make him redundant or turn him against Jonathan.

How can the country get out of the malaise of corruption and the insecurity problems plaguing the body polity?
If we are serious at fighting corruption, we have to start from the top because there is massive corruption permeating the local governments, state governments and the government at the federal level.

Recently some PDP governors defeated to the All Progressives Congress in protest against some unresolved crisis in the PDP. Do you foresee the PDP still winning the confidence of the Northern states in 2015, even if there would be elections?
Come 2015, they will not allow President Goodluck Jonathan to rule because power is going to the North if at all there would be elections.
Despite the daunting challenges ahead, do you foresee the country surmounting them?
Yes, a new Nigeria will be born, a great Nigeria will be born where the citizens shall sleep with their two eyes closed and no evil shall befall this country, I assure you. The President should stop the ongoing face-off with Governor Rotimi Amaechi of Rivers State so that the war will not start from Rivers State.

What is your message to Nigerians who are the worst hit in the problems bedevilling the country?
Nigerians should rejoice because tough times do not last but tough people do. They should rejoice. President Jonathan needs to repent. Even before the wife fell sick, it was in my church that we prayed for her that she would not die. But I will not go to him and say we will pray for him because we love Nigeria.


  1. You are a mare Political Prophet who needs attention. I will advice you go and get something better doing,otherwise, you will be humiliated and treated like a common criminal who tend to make a living in disguise of fouls prophecies. Your types are very many in town going about playing prangs with mare imaginations. People like you pieces me up because you are fake of the highest order.

  2. Olabayo,did nt,see it well,GOD Showed a Norther lead some soldiers to organize a palace coup,against PDP and APC .This people were planted by retired army General from west,just to make sure power doesn’t get to his political and economic enemies.He fears a particular tribe not to rule Nigerian.There may be successes at initial time before bombs,war-planes will be freely used,and NIGERIA Will Be NO MORE.Remedy (1)INEC should start with presidential election first,if Jonathan did not win or he wins,other elections results should be allowed to come out as the ethnic masses voted.(2)Two parties should not campaign at the same local government at same time.This way,youth killings and political assassinations will be avoided.(3)Redeployment of Army Connell’s and majors and captains send overseas for special military tactical training batch by batch.

  3. You want to hear and he told you something. He said most of those things most of us are writing in this room. He said his own Option as human. But I get mad when someone told me its prophesy. His opion just like yours. Its not God but human please. People are afraid to abuse him cause he said heis a man of God. Hahahahahh.


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