Muhammadu Buhari Has A Say On Obasanjo’s Letter To Jonathan

An important political figure in Nigeria, a former military ruler of Nigeria, Major General (rtd.) Muhammadu Buhari (b. December 17, 1942) published some of his thoughts concerning the controversial letter of ex-President Olusegun Obasanjo to President Goodluck Jonathan. You can read the full text of his statement below.


The Obasanjo letter did not come as any surprise to us. No right thinking Nigerian will choose to ignore the apalling descent to anarchy that Nigeria is experiencing under this government.

The good people of this country are equally oppressed by the PDP regimes of both Olusegun Obasanjo and Goodluck Jonathan. Therefore, while we have the right to demand accountability for the pertinent issues raised in the said letter, we also have the moral responsibility to question the sincerity of the messenger, and to condemn and reject the duo (Obasanjo and Jonathan) for their crimes against the good people of this country.

The destiny of Nigeria is the destiny of 170 million of us. No single individual, no single tribe, religion, political party or region can usurp this destiny for its selfish whim. Our strength and unity is national, not regional. There are attempts by the PDP to undermine this hard-earned national unity, we must guard against such manipulations with utmost vigilance.

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  1. Even with the negetive influence obasanjo and buhari is comanding,nigerians still know that they never meant well for this country. They only want to destroy the transformation GEJ has brought which they couldn’t do. Funsho Williams,Bola Ige,etc died under Obj did he (obj)acct for that. Sometimes I wonder if they have brain disease or been punished for lack of FEAR OF GOD

  2. This useless man thinks he can blind Nigerians with his useless comments about CEJ.There are afraid that his transformation agenda will prevent them from stealing from the masses.

    • We all leave said a lot of things, but my question is as we accuses the President Johnathan insulting him in any form, had we ever ask our self how good are we to others. because since ever Mr. President sit on that sit: it as been calamities here and there. BOKO HARAM and all sort of killing,(the BIBLE) says that we should respect our leaders no matter what the do. Nigeria is a country that all of us here are indigent but we can’t think otherwise we all know thins are falling apart, so therefore let northern political men live Mr. President along, you can’t pursue someone and tell the person to stop because you want your heart desire to be manifest, don’t blame the government blame yourself for not been with them; be’cos even if you are there stealing and corruption must continue to rein.

  3. @ mike nd vodina:
    u guys are morons! wich GEJ transformation are u still advocating for? u better wake up 4rm ur slumbers nd realize that Nigeria is getting paralysed under ur GEJ watch.
    mention those transformations agenda GEJ has been able to achieve. we are not as fools as u guys. i can’t wait to vote him out come 2015 because Nigeria has never been so corrupted, humiliated like this b4.

  4. GEJ is d worst ever president we av in history of nigeria wit bad behaviour, genocide,carelessnes, unpromise element,he destroyed education, promoting corruption. nd obj spoilt nigeria 4 impose gej on nigeria. may GOD purnish gej nd his supporters

  5. Wit all dis sentimental comments, it shows Nigeria is nt one as some claimed. My prayer is dat dis big 4 nothing country wil come 2 an end soon. So dat OBJ can rule his ppo, Buhari rule his ppo & GEJ rule his ppo too. We re nt one at all.

  6. The thing is dis GEJ is a disgrace to our country, best is we all should part ways….and those talkin abt transformation, I wonder wat kinda transformation u pple r talkin abt. Dis govt is all abt stealin resources

  7. GEJ is the best president this country has ever produced. All the odds happening are the acts of those against him. ALL OLD ANIMALS SHOULD REST OR BETTER STILL, DIE.
    May Allah be praise.

  8. what prevent nigerians from progressing are three things:Selfishness,Religious bias And Sectionalism.We will never and ever progress with the above habits.

  9. Buhari go and die, you have nothing good to offer this country, to my president nobody is perfect give president to all this fools they will be the worse, try and see chief obasanjo and listen to advise, before obj can voice out he has seen what you are not be able to see, dont listen to all fools that are deceiving you and Nigeria, olusegun aremo obasanjo is the best president so far and father of African, if u dont have this kind mind u can not rule, see fashola in Lagos, ajimobi in oyo,Gen buhari to hell with you.

  10. GEJ is a blind sailor he will sink nigerian ship, simply bcos he is a bloody drunkard, no vission no innovations but personal embezlement. Gej is a curse 2 dis nation


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