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I came across this article online and decided to share it with you my esteem readers.

It’s an open letter by an unknown individual, directly aimed mainly to Nollywood movie directors, producers and even the actors and actresses.

Read it below and tell me what you think: –

The Nigerian movie industry, Nollywood, is trying but they are making some mistakes that are very glaring even to a child. They should understand that what is worth doing is worth doing well. I know they are hustling like every other Nigerian, but they should also understand that they are also representing our country. These mistakes can be avoided if a very creative director directs most of these movies.

These are:

1. We are tired of seeing spirits wear wrist watches and chains. For goodness sake, this is the spirit world you are trying portray, why are you guys still backward in movie directing? We should know that little things counts. Spirits should also stop rubbing powder on their faces and stop wearing cele overalls.

2. Please, if you guys intend to subtitle your movies, please subtitle it with good English and try to edit them if possible. We are tired of seeing sentences like “where did you carry all these pregnant?” For pete’s sake, if you can’t edit your movies, call people to edit them for you.

3. We are tired of seeing 30+ men and women acting secondary school children. If my classmates were that sexy in secondary school, I know my teachers would have slept them all. Moreso, please make it obvious that parents are older than their kids in your movies. How will clem Ohameze be the father of Jim Iyke… Ahan, in real life clem should not be older than Jim with not more than 10years.

4. Please and Please, our witches do not behave like imbeciles. How will a witch grow long fingers and very bad dentition in the midnight and the morning the same witch has the sweetest smile on earth. Don’t make it look all girls with bad dentition are witches.

5. These days all your movies are Royal this… Royal that. Last week, my sister bought 6 Nollywood movies, Royal love, tears on the throne, igwe must hear this, etc. 70% of Nollywood movies are about royal stuffs, WTH. I know Nigerians don’t even give a f**k about royalties. So why act it as if its our major problem.

6. We need creative directors in our movies. How will a thief drop his ID card in a robbery site in real life? Why will an actor wear double clothes because he is going to use the inner clothe for the next scene, please reason these things directors. Movies should not be about love alone but other fantastic stories. Oduah’s case is there, write and act good movies please.

7. Sometimes, I don’t know what some casts are doing in a movie. They are neither a part of the cause, part of the solution nor a waka-pass. They are just there doing “uhummm”, “mtcheewwww”, “nonsense”, “**clapping their hands**”. There are some scenes that are unnecessary too, why will a scene be just: tonto dike bathing, someone mistakenly see the igwe and run, etc. Very unnecessary.

PS: We know you don’t have enough money to produce and direct the kind of movies in Hollywood but you can as well use the little you have and with talented actors to produce a decent movie.

From Concerned Nigerian

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  1. Our Nigerian producers n directors bot movies n music aspect dey r a big disgrace to d movie/music producin n directin rubbish.Imagin d steal movie titles frm Hollywood,Not only dat dey imagin i watched a 9ja movie were ramsey noah was black belt martial artist.His firghtin skill was so lame n teribo.So many oda rubbish dey produced.Total Nonsence


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